'Alexa' Doubles as Mind Reader in Hilarious Super Bowl Ad


| LAST UPDATE 02/10/2022

By Lily Tipton
colin scarlett amazon commercial
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

We've all been there - harmlessly daydreaming about a vacation to the Maldives or a new coffee machine. And would you know it, immediately after, ads are conveniently popping up onto your Facebook newsfeed. It's kinda scary to think our loyal tech bots are reading our minds. But in the latest Super Bowl ad, married duo Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost put a comedic spin on what technology could have in store for us in the future...

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, perhaps more importantly than the actual football is the ads! Yesterday, Good Morning America debuted Amazon's 2022 Super Bowl campaign, proving yet again that there is not much Amazon cannot do right. The latest entry into the unofficial Super Bowl Commercial Competition 2022, titled Mind Reader, shows Scarlett and Colin in a series of relatable scenarios. As seen in the hilarious clip (below), Amazon's trusty 'Alexa' device dares to reveal the actual thoughts behind the classic lies we all so often tell each other.

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In the opening scene, Scarlett and Colin can be seen admiring 'Alexa' and her multiple functions, joking, "it's like she can read minds." Sure enough, viewers are then transformed into a parallel 'Alexa-mind-reading' universe. Waking up and turning over to her handsome, SNL writer husband, Scarlett can be seen smiling: "I love that we get to sleep in together." To Scarlett's dismay, 'Alexa' decides to ruin this magical moment and obediently announces she is ordering fresh mint mouth wash, exposing Colin's true thoughts on their morning conversation. After a range of similar scenarios - where 'Alexa' lands the couple in several awkward situations - they are relieved to return to reality and are grateful for the more simple role 'Alexa' plays in their lives. LOL.

colin jost scarlett commercial
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Stringer via Getty Images

Although smaller in scale and more modest than its high-budget Super Bowl ad competitors (like Eugene Levy's latest ad), its funny, timely, and relatable message ensures a home run for Amazon! Would we dare to expect any less from the commercial giant who, more often than we'd probably like, seem to tell us what we need before we even know it? We'll leave you with that thought... Until next time, stay tuned!

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