Amanda Seyfried Gets Interrupted on 'The Tonight Show' by an Unexpected Knock at Her Door


| LAST UPDATE 09/14/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Amanda Seyfried Tonight Show
Getty Images via Manny Carabel

This past weekend, Amanda Seyfried made a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss her latest film, Mank. However, the evening didn't exactly go as planned, when the actress was suddenly interrupted with an abrupt knock on her door. She and Fallon couldn't possibly imagine who would be banging on the door on a Friday night.

"That was an intense knock," Seyfried said mid-show. She also informed Fallon that she wasn't in her own home, so she genuinely had no idea what was going on outside the front door. "Sorry, I'm in a temporary home," she explained. "Our dryer is broken." But Fallon didn't seem too bothered, as he encouraged Seyfried to find out who was knocking.

Amanda Seyfried Tonight Show
Getty Images via Theo Wargo/NBC

"This is the funniest thing," said Jimmy. "You have to things to do, you have things to take care of." Amanda responded, "But also did you hear that knock? It was so aggressive." Eventually, these two moved on from the unexpected interruption and proceeded with the 'One Word Song' game. Plus, they talked about Mank, which was the purpose of the interview in the first place. "It was so fun to feel transported every day," she said of her role as Marion Davies. "And then walk past the monitor and see it all in black and white."

Fallon also asked Seyfried about what she thought of the Golden Globes being virtual this year, and she said watching the show at home was "preferable." The actress was nominated for her first Golden Globe for her role in Mank, and apparently, she was delighted to have a lowkey evening. "I could do without the Red Carpet hoopla because it ends up being a cluster eff," she revealed. "And as fun as it seems and as glamorous as it seems, it's really awkward."

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"You're being thrown and forced everywhere," Amanda added. She was thrilled to have her kids by her side during the show, which was much different from past award shows. "I had my kids on the floor in front of me," Seyfried said. "And I could do things at commercial breaks. It was great."