Here's What We Know About Addison Rae's Upcoming Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 05/23/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Addison Rae, Remake, Comedy
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It's the crossover we never knew we needed: In only a matter of weeks, one of our favorite 90's rom-coms will be headed back to our screens - all thanks to one of Tik Tok's finest. Here's what we know about Addison Rae's upcoming comedy, He's All That.

He's All that, Comedy
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For starters, prepare for a trip down memory lane. Much like the 1999 cult-classic, She's All That, the upcoming remake will feature the same familiar plot... with a slight twist. According to the film's official page, we'll be following a teen on their attempts to turn the school’s biggest nerd into a Prom King. Only this time, instead of a high-school jock, our trouble-making teen will actually be an aspiring influencer (2021, folks...).

She's All That, Remake
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As for who exactly we’ll be catching in the upcoming comedy? Tik Tok star Addison Rae is set to star as influencer Padgett Sawyer, while Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan will take on the role of her potential love interest. But they’re not the only familiar faces we’ll be watching on our screens. The cast will also include Rachael Leigh Cook as well as Madison Pettis, among others.

He's All That, Comedy
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In case you forgot, Addison first got her start on our iPhone screens, but she's actually had her eyes on the big screen for quite some time. "Growing up, I was always in acting classes and watching movies," the 20-year-old revealed to Glamour UK. "The reaction is a little scary sometimes because people don't really know what I did or aspired to do before I started social media... I've always been in acting classes."

Addison Rae, Comedy, Upcoming
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Lucky for Rae, those classes will finally be put to the test much sooner than we thought. According to Deadline, the upcoming film is set to drop August 27, exclusively on Netflix. And while we may have already caught the Tik Tok star on our televisions, her latest gig will look slightly different than her brief time on KUWTK.

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Addison Rae, Comedy, Movie
Instagram via @hesallthatmovie

"It’s been a dream of mine forever to be an actress," Rae explained. "To be really called one now, is just really insane." Safe to say, we can't wait to tag along for the ride ourselves.

Until then? Stay tuned.