Zhuri James Dominates Dad's Instagram With Her Hilarious Dance Moves


| LAST UPDATE 05/12/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Zhuri James, LeBron, Funny
Instagram via @kingjames

We know, we know: Her dad might just be one of the greatest basketball players to ever make it to the courts. But from the looks of it? Zhuri James is officially a force to be reckoned with. Here's why LeBron's little girl has left us feeling very impressed - and only a little amused.

Zhuri James, LeBron, Instagram
Instagram via @allthingszhuri

On Tuesday, May 11, the NBA All-Star took to the 'gram to share yet another upload. Only the star of his latest post looked slightly different (and only slightly shorter, of course). That's right, we're talking about the youngest member of the James clan, otherwise known as Zhuri James. If you thought dad had moves, wait until you see his little girl...

With the familiar Go Daddy Go (cue TikTok) playing in the background, the 6-year-old superstar began pulling out all of her best moves as she danced her way through the screen. That was, until her mom, Savannah, came swooping on in… joined by brothers, Bryce, 13, and Bronny, 16. Of course, though, the video wasn't complete without Mr. James stopping in for a quick debut because, well, how could he not?

LeBron, Family, Instagram, Zhuri
Instagram via @kingjames

If there was somehow any doubt before? Talent clearly runs in the family. But this actually isn't the first time the James gang - more specifically, their youngest - has dominated our feeds, one TikTok challenge at a time. Boasting almost 400,000 followers, Zhuri James has managed to rake up quite the following with her very own Instagram account.

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Zhuri, LeBron James, Instagram
Instagram via @kingjames

From baking classes in the kitchen to backyard yoga sessions, the sassy queen sure knows how to keep us entertained. And from the looks of it? Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union's gang might have just met their match.

We'd stay tuned...