Watch Zac Efron Hilariously 'Bust' His Grandpa Out of His Retirement Home


| LAST UPDATE 07/13/2021

By Kayla Black
zac efron viral video
Samir Hussein / Contributor via Getty Images

Step aside, Tom Cruise, because Zac Efron has taken Mission: Impossible to a whole other level. The 33-year-old actor posted a hilarious video of the "heist" he pulled off on July 12th. But this wasn't your average bank robbery...

zac efron funny video
Pacific Press / Contributor via Getty Images

Zac and his brother drove over to their grandfather's retirement home to "bust" him out. The duo filmed their comedic mission and posted it to Instagram, and fans couldn't get enough. The video came with the theme music to the successful Hollywood blockbuster, Mission: Impossible and featured all the tell-tale signs of a good heist: Nimble spy moves and sneaky escape plans. The two brothers succeeded in busting their grandfather out, who seemed over the moon to be leaving with his grandsons. "Let's get outta here!" he said enthusiastically.

zac efron grandfather heist
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

He celebrated his escape with a refreshing Coca-Cola, before turning to his escape artists and telling them, "Let's hit it!" The three accomplices sped off to the Efron family home where they watched the 2021 Italy versus England UEFA European Championship game. And as the video came to a close, Zac had a funny comment to add. "[He's] better at acting than I am," the Baywatch star joked of the comedic performance. And it seemed as though many fans in the comment section agreed.

"Freaking adorable.... I hope you had an awesome day together!!" one user commented. Others joined in, adding, "Funniest thing ever!! Gotta love your grandpa. He's so awesome!" Zac Efron's followers couldn't get enough of the funny video, and in just nine hours, the heist clip had been viewed by over 5.5 million people. Talk about blockbuster material! Zac and his co-conspirator Dylan Efron were pretty pleased with the whole ordeal and could be seen smiling and holding back laughter throughout the whole clip. "Just wanted to watch the Euro Cup with the boys," the younger Efron brother commented on the viral clip.

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One thing's for sure, Zac and Dylan's old man clearly had a fun day out with his grandkids, and enjoyed his Hollywood moment in this "heist." Be sure to stay tuned for more hilarious viral videos coming your way!