Wrong Number! Katie Couric Shares Hilarious Texting Fail


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Katie Couric Text Fail
Emma McIntyre /VF20/WireImage via Getty Images

If you don't already follow Katie Couric on Instagram, it's time to hit the follow button because she really does dish out some of the best content! The journalist shares everything from major news alerts to heartbreaking and heartwarming stories, personal anecdotes, inspiring stories, TikTok trends, and, most recently, a hilarious text exchange with a complete stranger!

Couric took to Instagram to share a recent conversation with a woman named "Susan" that kept us all on our toes! It all started when Susan texted Couric she found a rat in her toilet and was "beside herself" and needed to contact the super to get down to the bottom of things! Couric immediately answered the unknown number, in the same way anyone else would asking, "who is this???" to which she received back a "Susan in 19N."

Katie Couric Viral Texting Fail
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images for Vanity Fair
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The journalist had no idea who Susan in 19N was, and when Couric revealed her identity, Susan jokingly responded, "Yeah, and I am Madonna." We wonder if Madonna and Couric text? Anyways, back to the story. Couric responded to the text, trying to convince Susan that it was, in fact, really her, and she potentially just had the wrong number but offered her condolences on the whole rat ordeal. To convince the anonymous texter that it was actually Couric, she sent her a selfie, writing, "Please don't show anyone. I look awful lol," No, you don't, Katie! The story just gets better when Susan informs Katie they caught the rat and let it go, but her son wanted to keep it and call it "Splinter."

In true journalist form, Katie Couric just wanted to get down to the bottom of things. The media personality asked her new pal if they knew each other at all, to which Susan confirmed they didn't, but she would like to invite her over for "Christmas ham and potatoes" in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. The conversation continued a bit longer before Couric gave her fans a complete rundown of the story, followed by the ending. According to Couric, Susan made her week, and she is "really, really sorry about the rat" - but after a famous friend of hers got the same text, they realized it was probably a scam! Well, it was sweet while it lasted!

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