Inside Jada Smith's Hilarious Virtual Birthday Party


| LAST UPDATE 09/23/2021

By Scarlett Adler
jada smith birthday episode
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Jada Pinkett-Smith is officially another year older - and you know what that means! The festivities have officially commenced. From her virtual birthday party to the hilarious surprise it called for, here's how the star rang in the big day on our screens...

jada smith 50th birthday
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On Wednesday, September 22, Pinkett gave us the ultimate gift after cordially inviting us to her 50th birthday celebration. "You're invited!" she teased of her latest Red Table Talk episode. "I wanted an opportunity to celebrate in some way with all of you as well!" the actress gushed of the festive special. "I would be so honored if you would help me usher in the new chapter of my life."

Safe to say, the celebration was one for the books. But we weren't the only ones who tuned in for the virtual party. "Jada, I'm talking to you from inside my closet," George Clooney began, as his surprise birthday message suddenly appeared on the Red Table Talk screen. "Outside my closet, there are twins with plastic swords that are bashing each other in the head, and it just didn't seem like an appropriate way to celebrate your birthday," the actor hilariously explained of his 4-year-old twins.

george clooney jada smith
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But that's not all he had to say for himself. "Now, they tell me that you're turning 50, which — that's not possible because that would mean that I'm 60, and that's not possible," Clooney joked. Which, well, agreed. As his birthday tribute continued, the actor began to ask Pinkett a question he's "been wanting to ask... for a long time:" "How do you put up with Will?" he quipped. 

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george clooney will smith
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While we might just never know the answer to that one, we can say this: Will & Jada's relationship has blessed us with lots of laughs and love over the years. And with the Fresh Prince's very own birthday right around the corner? We've got a feeling the celebrations are just getting started.

Stay tuned. And of course, happy 50th birthday to Miss Jada!