Will Smith vs. Wild: Star Documents Hilarious Peacock Exchange


| LAST UPDATE 09/05/2022

By Arianna Morgan
will smith instagram hiatus
Jerod Harris / Contributor via Getty Images

Will Smith is coming back to social media - and this time, not for all the viral slap drama. The actor is finally giving us some new content after a brief hiatus from the platform. Over the weekend, he took to Instagram to share his recent encounter with a peacock in Ecuador, and it had as laughing out loud! Let's take a closer look.

For those who need a quick debrief, let us break it down. Will Smith went totally MIA on social media following the infamous Oscars slap of 2022 a few months back. He returned to social media a few weeks ago to share a 6-minute apology with his fans. The apology obviously went viral, but then Smith's social media went totally silent... until two weeks ago. The actor posted a hilarious video of a baby gorilla poking at a gorilla in charge until the adult chased after him in anger! The caption stated, "me trying to get back on social." LOL. 

Will Smith Instagram Viral
Steve Jennings via Getty Images for TechCrunch
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While on a trip to South America, the Aladdin star had some friendly exotic visitors say hello! "We just sitting here in the spot in Ecuador, and this is the kind of stuff that happens," he said in the hilarious Instagram clip as he panned to the giant feathered animal. "Just a peacock at the window," he laughed. Smith had Too $hort's song Blow the Whistle playing in the background as he zoomed into the bird, only for another friend to join in on the window sill! "Oh, he looking now too like, 'Yo. Yep, I see you too,'" he said. "Now it's two peacocks, what up yo." Two is always better than one, right?! He captioned the post, "Why are these animals following me everywhere??" Great question...

Just a few weeks earlier, Smith shared a video of himself and his 29-year-old son, Trey Smith, as they got up close and personal to a huge spider as they attempted to capture it in a glass jar! The King Richard star uploaded the video to Instagram, "from a Holiday Inn," per the caption, after hilariously joking that he's ready to sell the house after the crawly creature made itself at home. "What in the h*ll," Will commented, "that is a big a** spider." Ah, yes, it is. We can't help but wonder what animal Smith will encounter next! Stay tuned.

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