Logan Lerman film career

The Untold Story of Logan Lerman's Rise to Fame


| LAST UPDATE 10/04/2023

By Evelyn Martinez

Logan Lerman may be a pretty face, but his rise to fame from a family of doctors into a respected actor and producer is no joke. Here's how the Percy Jackson actor made his way into Hollywood.

Beverly Hills Baby

Born in Beverly Hills, LA, Logan Wade Lerman was the youngest of three in a family of doctors. And while his siblings and parents had successful careers ahead of them, Logan had other ideas for his future.

Logan Lerman Baby PhotoLogan Lerman Baby Photo
@lermandaily via Instagram

When he was young, Logan would make films “just for fun.” By living in Los Angeles, Hollywood was quite literally at his doorstep. At just four years old, Logan convinced his parents to let him work in some commercials to see if he liked acting professionally. It didn’t take long for him to catch the acting bug.

Next in a Line of Doctors

Logan's dad, Larry, was another cog in a long wheel of doctors focused on prosthetics and orthotics. Helming a company that began in 1915 with Logan's great-grandfather in Berlin, Larry expected Logan to be just another family business member, almost ironically called Lerman & Sons.

Logan Lerman Young FamilyLogan Lerman Young Family
@deancollins via Instagram

However, even from a young age, Logan knew that wasn't his plan. He told Teen Vogue, "[My family are] all doctors - I'm the black sheep." While this initially confused his parents, they understood him and recognized Logan's enthusiasm for other things, notably music and, of course, filmmaking.

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Importance of Religion

Through both his maternal and paternal side, Logan was born into a proud Jewish family. Descending from grandparents who had fled Germany in the 1930s to California, Logan understood the importance of it to his family’s lives. While auditioning for movies, he even had his bar mitzvah at 13.

Logan Lerman Young ChildLogan Lerman Young Child
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

Even though Logan has always respected his heritage and cultural identity, he has never considered himself particularly observant. He told the Jewish Journal, “I love the traditions and the culture passed down from generation to generation. But, that said, I am an atheist, and I don’t belong to a temple.”

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Big Dreams of Acting

Logan was barely five when he decided to graduate from commercials to film and TV. While Logan attended Beverly Hills High School, he would get to leave class to audition for commercials and, eventually, big feature films. When he booked something, he would learn with a tutor on set.

Logan Lerman First ActingLogan Lerman First Acting
KMazur via Getty Images

Logan told Teen Vogue, "When I was five, I thought auditions were a great way to get out of school! At twelve, I landed the TV show Jack & Bobby and realized that I wanted to do acting forever." It didn't take long before Logan booked something that would take a little longer to shoot than an ad.

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Breaking Into Hollywood

When Logan was seven, he booked the biggest job of his career thus far. He appeared alongside Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger in the 2000 film The Patriot, playing Mel’s character’s youngest son. Although the film was technically Logan’s first crack into Hollywood, he doesn’t have the fondest memories.

Logan Lerman Patriot GibsonLogan Lerman Patriot Gibson
The Patriot (2000) Columbia Pictures via IMDb

Logan told RTE, “I started [acting] when I was really young… but that was just to do something to get out of school. And I liked the movie, but I didn’t have any conscious awareness of what I was doing or what was going on.” He added, “Being in this city made it accessible, so it was the right place, right time.”

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Unhappy Child Actor

Logan next appeared in What Women Want, opposite Mel again, and Riding in Cars with Boys. While achieving what he thought he wanted, Logan didn’t feel attracted to acting anymore. He told Da Man, “I quit for a while at 10 or something. I didn’t have a good experience and just wanted to relax and go to school.”

Logan Lerman Mel GibsonLogan Lerman Mel Gibson
Hoot (2006) Walden Media via IMDb

He spoke about his experience being young and a part of the Hollywood system with The Scotsman. “It’s a machine of kids; it’s weird, really weird, especially looking back on it.” Logan added, “I like to think that I’m sort of grounded, but it is a weird atmosphere to grow up in.”

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Returning to Hollywood

After taking a break between 10 and 12 from acting, Logan rediscovered his love for acting and wished to return to set. He told Da Man, “I only got back into it once I began developing an interest in production and the whole filming process.” While Logan was ready to return, he was met with resistance by his family once again. 

Logan Lerman Jewish RootsLogan Lerman Jewish Roots
Jim Spellman via Getty Images

Logan told The Scotsman, “In the back of my mind, I’d think I’m going to do this, I’m going to do well at this, but everyone else around me was like this isn’t a real career. My dad was like, ‘I know you enjoy it, and you’re doing well for your age, but you’re going to school, and you’re going to figure out your career.’”

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Continued Success

Even though his parents were hesitant, Logan was allowed to audition for more films. This time, he booked The Butterfly Effect as a younger version of Ashton Kutcher’s character. Studios and critics alike began to notice Logan’s talent and adeptness for acting alongside established actors.

Logan Lerman Judaism FamilyLogan Lerman Judaism Family
Michael Tullberg / Stringer via Getty Images

Logan fully redeemed his interest in acting when he was cast in the series Jack & Bobby. He co-starred as Bobby, a young boy who would later become President of the United States. Despite the show’s low ratings, Logan told the LA Times, “That’s when I started taking things seriously, and I grew a major passion for filmmaking.

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Over-Working With the Greats

While still young and relatively new to the Hollywood game, Logan had reputable film credits to back him for continued film commitments. Rather than following the Disney child actor framework, Logan booked gigs alongside the likes of Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, and Renée Zellweger.

Logan Lerman Carrey CroweLogan Lerman Carrey Crowe
3:10 to Yuma (2007) Relativity Media via IMDb

Over two years, Logan appeared in five different films, which even he considered too much. He later told W Magazine, “Early on, it was harder for me to appreciate things. I was too wrapped up in the newness of all of it, the newness of the entire experience of making things and being a part of things, and impacting people.”

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The Real Deal

Even after booking some of Hollywood’s highly sought-after films, by 2010, Logan’s parents still viewed his career as a “hobby.” He told Da Man, “They didn’t look at it as being a real job. And neither did I really. It was just a hobby that paid well.” Throughout his teen years, they insisted to him, “You’re going to college.”

Logan Lerman Acting YoungLogan Lerman Acting Young
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

However, after much convincing, Logan’s parents did shift their mindset. He told Da Man, “Up until the year I graduated, and I was working, they changed their tune. They felt more comfortable with the idea of my pursuing this career.” It certainly helped that Logan booked the biggest film of his career shortly before.

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Logan was cast in the film adaptation of the beloved YA book series Percy Jackson. In the first part of a two-installment series, Chris Colombus, director of the first two Harry Potter films, likened Logan to the next “Leo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro and Marlon Brando.” Logan knew this film would turn his career around.

Logan Lerman Percy JacksonLogan Lerman Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) Fox 2000 Pictures via IMDb

With an enormous fan base behind the film, before it even released, it surprised no one when it grossed $226 million on a $95 million budget. Logan was no longer a child actor, acting alongside big names; he was becoming a big name himself. However, Logan told Girl, “I just feel very fortunate to be able to work.”

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Unwilling Heartthrob

Funnily, Logan’s exposure to the book series came through a family member. He told Girl, “I remember I asked my little cousin if he knew anything about the series. He said everybody is obsessed with it.” With the release of Percy Jackson, Logan was starting to be named the star of the 2010s. 

Logan Lerman acting careerLogan Lerman acting career
Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images

When RTE asked Logan about becoming a heartthrob, he told them, “That’s the title you get in a poll or in a magazine, but I don’t know. In my own life, I’m living at home still; I’m still at my parents’ house. I’m 19, so I can’t really relate to that situation or that title. I am just kind of reserved and quiet!”

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Connection With The Three Musketeers

Now an established actor, Logan could be more selective regarding roles. Logan was cast as the lead role in big-budget The Three Musketeers without requiring an audition. In an entirely “different character” role to him, Logan spent 6 months fight training and even wore long hair extensions.

Logan Lerman Musketeers filmLogan Lerman Musketeers film
Rolf Konow via Getty Images

He told Oyster, “My grandfather had to leave his home in Berlin as a child during World War II. He only took two books with him when he left, and one of them was The Three Musketeers. That was what made me decide to do this movie…. He’s so excited about my being a musketeer.”

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

In 2011, Logan was cast in another book-to-screen adaptation. This time, he was to star as Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a 1990s coming-of-age film about a freshman student grappling with his past. Logan later told Flixist, “[The film] was the most creatively-satisfied I’ve felt for a long time.”

Logan Lerman Perks WallflowerLogan Lerman Perks Wallflower
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) Mr. Mudd Productions via IMDb

With another beloved book came a lot of pressure, but Logan delivered. He told Interview Magazine, “I was kind of like my character Charlie in high school. I was pretty shy and a little bit of a wallflower myself. He reminded me of two friends I grew up with, so I took a lot from them and put it into that role.”

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A Serious Actor

The author of the original novel and writer-director of the film adaptation spoke to Vanity Fair about Logan, “He showed up a week before the rest of the cast and isolated himself in his hotel room and read the script over and over again, listening to music to know what it would feel like to have that level of isolation.”

Logan Lerman acting careerLogan Lerman acting career
Vera Anderson via Getty Images

Chbosky was not the only one singing high praises of Logan; critics were just as impressed with his performance. Collider wrote, “Logan Lerman delivers a wonderful, eye-opening performance.” Logan transitioned from a visual effects star to an independent film actor in this film and ran with it.

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Passion for Filmmaking

By proving he could take on more intense roles, Logan felt more freedom from the "Hollywood machine." He told GQ, "I compromised a lot when I was a kid. I learned a lot. I found that I'm guided by what makes me feel best at the end of the day, so I'm picky now. I'm pickier."

Logan Lerman Hollywood actingLogan Lerman Hollywood acting
@loganlerman via Instagram

With the understanding of how film affects those who watch and adore them, Logan felt responsible for telling the stories he would want to see as a viewer. He told Bustle, "It's still hard for me to process that I'm a part of films that mean a lot to somebody else. It's strange because I'm just starting, in a weird way."

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In the roles following Logan's dip into more serious films, he next appeared in controversial director Darren Aronofsky's biblical retelling of Noah and the creation of his ark. As a self-proclaimed "film geek," Logan told the press he "fought hard" to work with Darren, one of his favorite directors.

Logan Lerman music guitarLogan Lerman music guitar
Noah (2014) Regency Enterprises via IMDb

Although several religious groups were outspoken against the film as it "took liberties with original scripture," Logan was very proud to be involved in the project. He told The Independent, "When I first read the script, I wasn't concerned about it being different to the Biblical original. I liked the story, the message."

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Music Is a Second Love

While acting has always been Logan's avenue to filmmaking, the actor has passions outside the film industry, too, particularly in playing and creating music. Logan told Interview, "I like to jam. I play with my friends' bands, but I've never put anything out there. It's something I've always wanted to do."

Logan Lerman Playing GuitarLogan Lerman Playing Guitar
@popbuzz via X

Logan elaborated on his love for music and how it connects to filmmaking with Girl Magazine. He said, "My dream is to kind of venture out into the filmmaking end, do everything, and kind of mold my own film from scratch. Writing it, composing it, directing it, I'd love to do all that."

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Next up for Logan was his most challenging film appearance to date: 2014’s Fury. He told Spotlight Report, “It was the one time since I did The Perks of Being a Wallflower that I felt that I had to do this right away.” The prep and production process lasted 8 months and was the “most challenging thing” Logan had ever done. 

Logan Lerman Fury filmLogan Lerman Fury film
Fury (2014) Columbia Pictures via IMDb

During production, Logan and the cast were sleep-deprived, carrying heavy backpacks constantly, and Logan even broke his arm, pulling apart a tank. He told Vanity Fair, “There were days when we wouldn’t go home. We would sleep out by the tank, just wake up there, and get back to work.”

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Dipping into Producing

Deciding to broaden his horizons and follow his ultimate goal, Logan served as an executive producer on the 2016 film Indignation. While he also starred in the film, he put his trust in a first-time director, James Schamus, to deliver the project. Given the film’s impressive reviews, Logan could breathe a sigh of relief.

Logan Lerman film producerLogan Lerman film producer
Laura Cavanaugh via Getty Images

Even though Logan also starred in the film, the creative role was new territory for him. He told The Independent, “I’m just there to help and to be a partner in pre-production, production, and post-production. So, it’s more of a creative involvement in all the other mediums involved and all the other stages.”

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(Rumoured) Love in the Air

Around 2016, rumors began circulating about Logan’s love life and the potential end to his long-standing relationship with his Percy Jackson co-star, Alexandra Daddario. Six years older than him, Alexandra and Logan had met during the production of the first film installment and began dating right away.

Logan Lerman Alexandra DaddarioLogan Lerman Alexandra Daddario
Rahav Segev via Getty Images

The couple reportedly split in 2016 after two years of engagement. Given Alexandra and Logan’s extreme privacy, little about the former couple’s relationship timeline is known. Both the actors continue to speak fondly of each other to the press, but the story behind this case remains unsolved.

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Picking Projects

In the late 2010s and early 2020s, Logan was struck by difficult decisions that plagued the direction of his career. He was torn between committing to big-budget films to stay relevant for his ultimate goal or committing to independent cinema that guaranteed no financial success or even audience attention. 

Logan Lerman movie actingLogan Lerman movie acting
@analuisacorrigan via Instagram

Logan told GQ, "If I don't take projects that have wider releases and more money behind them, then my value to help an independent film get made diminishes, and I'm not able to make films anymore. No one's going to want to finance a movie with me years down the line if I don't have films that people are seeing."

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Grand Return to TV

After almost fifteen years of sticking fiercely to the silver screen and avoiding TV gigs, Logan returned by signing onto the revenge series Hunters. Why did he sign onto a show with a script that "needed a lot of work" and no guarantee of a second season? Logan told GQ, “It sounded really f***** cool.” 

Logan Lerman Hunters movieLogan Lerman Hunters movie
Prime Video via YouTube

He added, “I wanted to see that show. I was curious about it. I figured that out early on.” Even though he was excited about the concept, he was just as tentative. However, things changed quickly when Logan discovered Al Pacino would be making his TV debut and co-starring alongside him. Logan was ready.  

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Jewish Roots On-Screen

With Michael Corleone himself on board, Logan had to stick around. He told Men's Health, "When he came on board the project, I was just thrilled to be in good company." However, that was not the only reason Logan happily signed up for the unlikely project; his Jewish roots were the ultimate decider.

Logan Lerman Al PacinoLogan Lerman Al Pacino
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

Having a grandfather who had escaped Germany before WWII, Logan felt he could speak as more of an "authenticity officer" on the TV show. Logan told Variety, "[Hunters] just felt right." In some ways, he was honoring his grandparent's story and making a show that combined his passion for unique storytelling.

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Analuisa + Logan

Not long after Hunters graced our screens, Logan had happy news on the personal front. Analuisa Corrigan is a New York City-based artist specializing in clay sculptures and painted art. Despite Logan’s privacy and preference to avoid social media, he has shared a few snaps of his new love.

Logan Lerman Girlfriend AnaluisaLogan Lerman Girlfriend Analuisa
@analuisacorrigan via Instagram

The couple reportedly met a few months before the 2020 pandemic took off and began a long-distance relationship between Logan’s LA home and Analuisa’s NYC apartment. Thanks to Analuisa’s more online presence, she has shared some adorable photos of them, particularly on his birthday, with the nickname ‘Logies.’

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A Family of Dog Lovers

Before 2020, Logan had been living in New York City for a few years to escape the hustle and bustle of LA, which is likely how he met his new beau. However, when the pandemic hit, confining themselves to the tight apartments of NYC was not Logan and Analuisa’s preference.  

Logan Lerman Dog BreedLogan Lerman Dog Breed
@analuisacorrigan via Instagram

The couple packed up and relocated to LA, staying in Logan’s more significant residence over a shoebox apartment. Logan and Analuisa decided to make the ultimate couple decision by adopting dogs together. Stella and Bow, two adorable German shepherds, were brought into the Lerman-Corrigan clan.

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Taking a Backseat on Hollywood

Logan took a small hiatus from Hollywood with his move to NYC in the late 2010s. He told W Magazine, "[LA is] just people trying to get attention for themselves, and the projects aren't real. I don't want to be that guy. I feel like I'm much quieter about the things I'm working on. That's the way I like it."

Logan Lerman Hollywood careerLogan Lerman Hollywood career
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

While working on some projects, Logan was incredibly selective about his roles, choosing instead quality over quantity. He told GQ, "I'm just an actor, first and foremost. I just want to disappear." He added, "I found that I'm guided by what makes me feel best at the end of the day, so I'm picky now."

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Upgrading from Actor to Producer

While acting has always been Logan’s priority, he began to take more risks in positions behind the camera during his Hollywood hiatus. Following his first successful stint at executive producing for Indignation, he repeated his work on The Vanishing of Sidney Hall in collaboration with indie distribution company A24. 

Logan Lerman Producing CreditLogan Lerman Producing Credit
Bobby Bank via Getty Images

Next up, Logan decided to try producing for the first time. And what better way to begin a career behind the camera than with a beloved rom-com. Backing a first-time director, the music-dominated film was well-received by critics and proved Logan has what it takes to make it in the industry.

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Big Goals 

Logan has already entered the Hollywood door, but he is only just getting started. The actor-producer has big ambitions, and with an almost two-decade career at just 31 years old, Logan is well on track to achieve his dreams. He told the Wayback Machine that he “aspires to be the head of a studio one day.”

Logan Lerman Producer HollywoodLogan Lerman Producer Hollywood
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

When Logan was just starting, he told What’s Good to Do, “This whole acting thing’s treated me very well… But if I could transition into filmmaking, that’d be great.” Not only is Logan on track, but we’re betting there will be some big films with his name behind them soon enough.

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The Internet’s Boyfriend

Logan Lerman will forever be Hollywood’s favorite pretty boy and heartthrob for teenagers and adults alike, but he has shown he is capable of much more. With skills and experience in acting, music, filmmaking, and proof to back it, Logan may be quiet now, but we are yet to see his full potential.

Logan Lerman celebrity careerLogan Lerman celebrity career
@loganlerman via Instagram

Often described as ‘the Internet’s boyfriend,’ TikTok has reignited the Logan love with each new photo release of him. While Logan told TODAY, “I am so unaware of this,” when they asked him if he was “uncomfortable” by the attention, Logan answered, “No.” You hear that, ladies? Keep up the excellent work.

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