Hilarious Twitter Thread of Lady Gaga Lookalikes Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 07/28/2021

By Kayla Black
lady gaga twitter twin
Mondadori Portfolio / Contributor via Getty Images

Over the past year, a Twitter storm has been slowly brewing about the queen of pop, Lady Gaga. It turns out that there are a number of her look-a-likes popping up all over the web in the strangest of circumstances. And we've got them lined up just for you.

lady gaga twitter doppelganger
Gotham / Contributor via Getty Images

The trend first started back in August of 2020 when Jaya Dutra, a Brazilian YouTuber, uploaded a video about her trip to the dentist. Viewers of the vlog were shocked to see Lady Gaga's total doppelgänger in medical scrubs from head to toe. And as viral as this moment was, it wouldn't be the end of the Lady Gaga look-a-like trend. Twitter just couldn't get enough of how strange of a coincidence it all was. "Omg she looks exactly like gaga!" one user replied. One of the original accounts to post the screenshot from the vlog ended up with over 6,000 retweets and nearly 112,000 likes.

The Gaga dentist moment came and went, but before long, another doppelgänger surfaced. This time, on a Russian television program. And by this time, a comical conspiracy theory was growing that these weren't look-a-likes but rather the real Lady Gaga living with multiple personalities. "Singer, songwriter actress, model, record producer, philanthropist, director, judge what CAN'T this woman do," one user joked. And as time went on, more and more instances started to surface on Twitter.

Before long, compilations started popping up of Lady Gaga look-a-likes/alter egos all over Twitter. From hairdressers to TV hosts, it seemed like in every country there was a Gaga running around in the wild. And the trend even came to this year's Olympics! Social media was on fire after the Jordanian taekwondo fighter Julyana Al-Sadeq was spotted in Tokyo. According to fans, the resemblances are uncanny!

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lady gaga doppelganger olympics
Maja Hitij / Staff via Getty Images

But we'll leave you to be the judge. Make sure to check back soon for more hilarious viral news coming your way!