Travis Responds to Viral Halloween Prank About Him and Taylor


| LAST UPDATE 11/06/2023

By Riley Hammond
Travis Kelce hilarious TikTok
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Travis Kelce just loves being Taylor Swift's boyfriend, and many people didn't know who he was before he started dating the pop star. The truth is that he won the Super Bowl twice before meeting her, but that hasn't stopped Swifties across the world from reminding him how much more fame he's gained these past few weeks. Now, a TikTok implying that the Bad Blood singer put "him on the map" has gone viral, and Kelce's response is gold.

On the latest episode of New Heights, which the Chiefs star co-hosts with his Eagles brother, Jason, Travis rated fans' Halloween costumes that were inspired by himself and Taylor. Most couples went with the predictable choice of the male wearing Chiefs gear to resemble the football star, while their girlfriends would often wear a tour outfit worn by Taylor in the last few months. But one fan and her boyfriend decided to stand out from the crowd, and it's safe to say that it paid off.

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
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"Did a Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce costume contest with my man...," read the caption below the TikTok video. In the hilarious clip, the guy slaps a picture of Travis' face on his girlfriend, who was dressed up as a map of the United States. The gesture was a reference to Swifties claiming that the singer was the reason behind Travis' fame ever since the pair started dating in September. "She put me on the map, right there in the video," the real-life Travis joked in response to the clip. "That's so good, man. The commentary, goddamn, that was golden. Alright, hats off. That was well done. You get a round of applause for that one. I enjoyed that." Travis wasn't even as defensive as the fan's boyfriend was, who fell for the joke and later said in the video to his other half that the 34-year-old, eight-time Pro Bowler was "a well-known athlete!" LOL.

@jaxwritessongs he needs to calm down… 😂😘💋🗺️ 🎤 #taylorswift #traviskelce #halloween #costume ♬ original sound - Jax

Regardless, Travis' jerseys sales have spiked by 400% - at $175 each - after Taylor saw him play in Kansas City's win against the Bears, two months ago. Not only that, but the athlete has apparently "been playing better" when his girl is watching him play than when she isn't, giving another reason for Swifties to believe that the singer is only a plus in the Ohio native's life. Can't argue with that!

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