Tom Holland Reflects on The Time He Bombed a 'Star Wars' Audition


| LAST UPDATE 09/14/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Tom Holland, Red Carpet
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He might be an internationally acclaimed superhero with an army of fans, but that doesn't mean it's always been easy. In fact, it hasn't. Last week, the Spider-Man actor sat down with Backstage to reflect on a former, um, unsuccessful endeavor of his. And the result was hilarious.

Tom Holland, Spiderman, Audition
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For starters, Tom Holland might be loved by the Marvel Universe, but his path to Hollywood hasn’t always been smooth sailing. That’s right. He’s actually had “quite a few” audition horror stories along the way. And there was one, in particular, you’re going to want to hear. Consider it a hunch.

Tom Holland, Spiderman, Marvel
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No, we're not talking about the time he "read the wrong lines at the wrong audition before." Though we certainly wish we were a fly on those walls. We're talking about the time he auditioned to be a part of a galaxy far, far away. Sound familiar? Yep, Holland once had his eyes on a role in Star Wars. Are you as intrigued as we are?

Tom Holland, Star Wars
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Unfortunately for him, we all know how this story ends; (If you don't? John Boyega ended up landing his desired role, instead.) But how did it begin? Believe it or not, the Star Wars audition process actually started out somewhat promising. After landing 4 or 5 callbacks, Holland was called in for his latest read. That's where things got interesting...

Tom Holland, Spiderman, Funny
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You see, his latest stint called for a script-reading alongside another aspiring actress. Her desired role? A drone. Yep. "So I was doing all of this, like, “We gotta get back to the ship!” And she was going, “Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop,” Holland hilariously revealed. "I just couldn’t stop laughing."

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Tom Holland, Spiderman, Interview
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Safe to say, while things may not have, um, gone according to plan, we'd say they worked out just fine. Though no word yet on our aspiring robot. May the force be with her? In all seriousness, we can't wait to see what the future has in store for Peter Parker. Something tells us he's just getting started...