Tom Holland Reveals Hilarious Motivation To Hit the Gym


| LAST UPDATE 02/11/2022

By Lily Tipton
Tom Holland Uncharted Spiderman
Franco Origlia / WireImage via Getty Images

You know that phrase, "there's always a bigger fish." Well, as it happens, it even applies in Hollywood! Fresh off the heels of the major action blockbuster hit, Spiderman: No Way Home, you'd think Tom Holland was ready to take on anything and anyone. But, as it turns out, even Spiderman can be intimidated by a bigger superhero - AKA Mark Wahlberg (and he doesn't need a latex suit!).

In the upcoming movie, Uncharted, coming to theaters on February 18th, Tom and Mark play a true action duo. Of course, with the stunts involved, muscles are required - something certainly not lacking in the pair. However, Tom recently revealed that when he turned up to set on the first day of shooting, he realized he needed to kick his fitness routine up a notch! Talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom joked, "I realized Mark was so much bigger than me... I looked like one of his biceps!" This intimidation, he explained, was the sole motivating factor behind bulking up, and after filming was paused due to COVID, he thought of little else! "In that hiatus, I did nothing but train and train and train and train." We have yet to see the movie, but based on this information alone, we definitely won't be complaining.

Tom Holland Uncharted Spiderman
@Olivertrevena via Instagram
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To make matters funnier, we gained a hysterical insight into the duo's not-so-serious training process in their recent interview with Access Hollywood. A slightly embarrassed Tom revealed that the muscle massage gun gifted to him by his training mentor, Wahlberg himself, resulted in a seriously embarrassing misunderstanding. "I'd never seen one before! I thought it was a type of self-pleasure!" Tom confessed. "It's Hollywood Baby! Who knows what's gonna happen!" LOL.

In the most fitting way possible and because there is just no other way to do it, a topless Mark took to Instagram in a hilarious post to clear up any remaining confusion. "Mr. Tom Holland, this is a massage tool for muscle recovery! Nothing else!" If the off-screen banter between these two actors is anything to go off of, we'd say this upcoming movie is set to get us laughing, and we can't wait!

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