Tom Hanks Is the Ultimate Wedding Crasher


| LAST UPDATE 03/25/2022

By Lily Tipton
Tom Hanks, Wedding Crashers
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Tom Hanks may not have made it into the original Wedding Crashers movie, but he's sending a clear message that if there's ever a sequel, he's in! The lovable Academy Award-winning actor has made a habit of photobombing his fans' photos whenever he gets a chance, and it seems he has a special place in his heart for strangers' weddings! Recently, Hanks walked passed a wedding in downtown Pittsburgh and couldn't pass up the opportunity to spice up their memorable photos. While the photographer was taking shots of the bride with her bridesmaids, she caught on camera the moment they noticed Hanks walking by. Of course, Hanks, being the man he is, came over to join in the excitement...

Posing with the actor, the wedding party was seen freaking out over this magical moment. Photographer, Rachel Rowland, posted a series of pictures from the special day, including the ones with Hanks. In a hilarious caption in which she claims Hanks' surprise entrance wasn't the highlight of the day, she refers to the actor as the GOAT - Greatest Of All Time, which Hanks surely appreciated. "Yesterday was filled with joy, laughter and fun and love and family and hugs and I just can't get enough Grace and Luke," she wrote.

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Speaking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rachel explained how the moment came to be. "We were all walking from the hotel to the limo, and out of nowhere, he pops up and just says, 'My name is Tom Hanks! Can I take a photo with the bride?' We all started screaming and were pretty much in shock. He was just as wonderful and charming as you'd assume. His wife, Rita [Wilson], was there and got in some photos, too."

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson
Dominik Bindl/FilmMagic via Getty Images

In a hilarious twist of events, this is not actually the first time Hanks has crashed a fan's wedding photos. Last year, while in Santa Monica, the actor stopped to pose for pictures with brides Diciembre and Tashia Farries, chatting with them and complimenting their gowns. In 2016, he crashed a wedding in Central Park, New York. After capturing the interaction on camera, Hanks even congratulated the couple in an Instagram post! Wedding Day Goals.

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