Tom Brady Reveals Hilarious Father's Day Plans


| LAST UPDATE 06/22/2022

By Riley Hammond
Tom Brady Father's Day
Mike Ehrmann / Staff via Getty Images

NFL quarterback Tom Brady had one heck of a Father's Day this year. How do we know? He made sure to share a hilarious video on Twitter that showed us brief snippets of how his special day went.

At the start of the funny video, which was posted on June 19th, the 44-year-old athlete introduced us to a tool he described in the caption as "coming in handy this Father's Day." In the clip, he held up a megaphone he says Hertz "let him keep" after their shoot. "It's exactly what I need for Father's Day." So what exactly did he use it for? See, Brady wanted to make sure everyone in the house was aware that it was Father's Day, and that he had a detailed plan laid out for everybody to follow. LOL. For the next few seconds, his 2.7 million followers watched the quarterback run around his house, yelling instructions into the megaphone - and it was as hilarious as it sounds.

Tom Brady daughter instagram
Instagram via @gisele
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"Good morning Brady family, happy Father's Day!" he confidently said into the megaphone. The hilarious clip then skips to a different scene, where Brady can be seen opening the door to what looks like a bedroom, asking, "Excuse me, has anyone seen my lawn-mowing shoes?" rather loudly. By the looks of it, no one in the Brady household was as enthusiastic about this day than Mr. Brady himself - and the rest of the funny scenes from the video only prove it further! "We will be leaving the house in the rental car at 12 noon," he went on to announce, still using his megaphone to make sure everyone heard him loud and clear.

The father-of-three also made sure to inform the entire household of what he would like the evening meal to be that day. "I would love tacos for dinner tonight, please," he declared, before repeating, "Tacos for dinner - for Father's Day. Thank you." (Honestly, we would have done the same.) It's too bad we didn't get to see the table full of tacos in the video he shared, though. But what we did get to witness was Tom Brady yelling into the megaphone for his kids to come downstairs when the meal he requested was finally ready that evening. LOL - he wasn't about to let anyone be late to the important feast, and it shows. We can definitely tell Tom Brady had a very happy Father's Day!

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