This Lil Nas X Interview Blooper Is the Best

Taran Underwood

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Lil Nas X has been holding on to the number one spot on the Billboard charts for 13 weeks, which is longer than any other hip-hop song in history. He also celebrated the end of Pride month by coming out on Twitter in a way that was a bit coy. So as not to leave fans guessing, the rapper sat with BBC Breakfast on Friday morning and officially announced he is gay. He also said that even though he's definitely been facing backlash for it on social media, it's not something that bothers him. "I used to be that person, being negative, so it’s like, I’m not angry or anything because it’s like I understand, you know, how they just want that reaction, but I’m just gonna joke back with ’em," he told interviewers.

Then, seemingly as if to prove he really was just as chill as he was insisting, the rapper got up to leave the interview while the anchors were still addressing the very much on and broadcasting very live camera. This was only a problem because, well, he walked right in front of it. The rapper and the anchors were able to laugh the incident off, because as we've now established, Lil Nas X cannot be bothered.