This Is Who Should Replace Alec Baldwin If He Quits Playing Trump on 'SNL'

Taran Underwood

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During Alec Baldwin's most recent visit to The Tonight Show he told Jimmy Fallon he wasn't sure how many more times he'll continue to play Donald Trump on SNL. "I really don't know," he told Fallon, describing how his friendship with Lorne Michaels is the main reason he keeps showing up.

He also referred to it as his "world famous, mediocre Trump impression," making it seem like maybe he himself wasn't too jazzed about keeping the gig. While it might be hard for people to imagine an SNL without Baldwin's Trump impression, should it come to it there is one person who should be a shoe-in for the gig: The President Show's Anthony Atamanuik.

There is nothing mediocre about Atamanuik's Trump. He's crass, cruel, and can throw a bigger tantrum than any six year old. So basically like the real Trump, but funnier. Awhile back, Atamanuik explained the key to his precise and hilarious impersonation of Trump: make a face like a Shih Tzu.

His stint having his own show on Comedy Central may have only lasted one season, but it resulted in gems like the clip below, which went viral when it hit Twitter in 2017.

Part of the reason Atamanuik's impression works so well is it draws from more than just the way Trump talks, it also accurately depicts his deep love of trucks.

And while the show was not renewed for a second season, Atamanuik's impression has lived on, making appearance on just about every show that isn't SNL. Here he is visiting Trevor Noah on The Daily Show:

His work has resonated almost as internationally as Trump's trade policies, with him even making an appearance on the BBC alongside Tracey Ullman.

And the only time Atamanuik's Trump gets better is when he's joined by James Adomian as Bernie Sanders. In fact, the two have toured the country together performing debates, and Adomian also appeared on The President Show.

He also made an appearance on the critically acclaimed Hulu show I Love You, America. Where he was given the opportunity to criticize Jesus for not using his magical powers while being interviewed by Sarah Silverman.

But while we can't be sure if Atamanuik's Trump will ever be making his Saturday night debut, he does have a book out you can buy and keep in your home. In the meantime, here's another clip from The President Show to get you through the rest of today.