This Grandpa's Reaction to Getting Lady Gaga Tickets Will Melt Your Heart

Taran Underwood

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If you're a person alive in 2019 and you have an internet connection, chances are you stan a legend. Now, there are many legends to stan, but there is only one for this woman's grandfather. Twitter user Whit shared a video of her grandfather finding out they had tickets to see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas in May of 2020. His reaction is one of pure dumbfounded joy. And while he may not be the first thing you think of when you think of a Lady Gaga fan, you should definitely not doubt his dedication to her. Whit posted the video below, which soon went viral, but that's just the beginning of the story.

After achieving the coveted status of "viral," Whit's grandfather was fully confused. He may have extremely modern musical tastes, but it turns out his social media usage is still pretty basic. Her grandmother sent Whit a text letting her know that while her grandfather didn't fully understand what viral meant or why it was happening, he was glad. And little did he know he was about to get even happier.

Not long after this video blew up online, Whit was contacted very publicly by the Park MGM, which is the venue hosting Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residency, and given the chance of a lifetime. And now, her family will actually be traveling out to Las Vegas in October for the show, and also for a meet and greet with Lady Gaga herself.

So it seems like this story will have an ending so happy, it would make just about every grandpa on Earth go completely gaga.