This Comedian's Question for The Rock Was Finally Answered

Taran Underwood

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Not many people get a chance to meet, let alone talk to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Not only is he probably one of the most famous people on Earth at this point, but he's also extremely busy climbing up sky scrapers and fighting off monsters. Or at least, that's what we like to imagine he spends his free time doing. So when Scottish comedian Rachel Jackson got the chance to briefly shake hands with The Rock, she was understandably star struck and grateful. There was just one problem, he was only able to get out half a sentence.

After asking Jackson, "So do you-" he was quickly pulled away by his handlers, surely headed off to the next item on his million-item-long to-do list. "What did The Rock want to know!?" is a question that has clearly haunted Jackson for over a year, even becoming a part of her act that was shared by BBC Scotland on Twitter. And that's where the fun starts.

Once the video clip started gaining traction on social media, it caught the eye of the big man himself: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Amazingly, Johnson not only responded to the clip, but he also seemed to somehow remember the interaction well enough to comment on it. Apparently, he'd had a little tequila beforehand and had meant to ask her, "So do you make it the ha ha?" Which is apparently one of his go-to jokes when meeting a comedian. Not bad, for a guy with so much on his plate. And finally, Jackson's curiosity is satisfied, which is nice, even if this does kind of ruin her bit.