The Weeknd Reveals the Inspiration Behind His Music

Scarlett Adler

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Much like his A-list pal, Drake, The Weeknd is no stranger using his emotions to make music. We're sure you already knew that from his lyrics. This past week, the R&B legend sat down with Esquire and dropped a lot of bombshells about his brutal breakups, and we've never related more...

The Weeknd, Breakup
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In case you forgot, back at the end of 2017, the Billboard artist and his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, called it quits, after almost a year of dating; And, well, we all know about the album that shortly followed.

The Weeknd, Breakup
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If by some chance you don't? The heartbroken artist is about to remind you of his unofficial tell-all, otherwise known as, My Dear Melancholy. For starters, why was the EP so, well, short?

The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Breakup
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“The reason why it was so short is like, I think I just had nothing else to say on this,” he explained. Nonetheless, the six-song album, which, of course, featured the infamous Call Out My Name, helped him through his love woes.

The Weeknd, Breakup
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“Whatever. It was just, like, this cathartic piece of art. And yeah, it was short, because that’s all I had to say on the situation," the artist continued. In fact, as he put it, it "would have sucked if it didn’t.”

The Weeknd, Breakup
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Of course, since then, the Heartless rapper has moved on, as his current releases will remind you. But something tells us he's not done just yet. Could another breakup diss-track be on the way? I guess only time will tell. I'd stay tuned if I were you.