The Meaning Behind Justin Bieber's Tattoos

Taran Underwood

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Justin Bieber has added quite a few tattoos to his body over the years, leaving us wanting to know the meaning behind each one. It turns out, each ink serves as a reminder of a specific person, event, or way of life.


On his thigh, he has a tattoo with the phrase "Better At 70," which is an explanation of how he wants to live his life. Bieber hopes to keep improving himself, and never feel as though he'd wasted any time. Ultimately, the star wants to look back at his life at age 70 and have no regrets.

His "Forever" tattoo on his neck is an ode to his wife, Hailey Baldwin. She also has a tattoo on her neck, but hers says, "Lover." These two are so madly in love, they had to put it in writing on their bodies!


Bieber also has a rather unique tattoo on his forearm, which appears to be a very life-like human eye. In fact, this is meant to be his mother's eye, to remind him that she's always watching his every move. While it comes off a little intimidating upon first glance, the meaning behind it warms our hearts.