The Internet Has a New Meme to Fight Lying

Taran Underwood

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We live in an age of fake news and alternate facts where it almost doesn't matter *what* you say, as long as you're the loudest guy in the room saying it. Fortunately, the unwashed masses that make up Twitter, specifically Twitter user @softsynthbear, have come up with a solution, kinda. A new meme that features Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes declaring something a lie for almost a full minute could be just what the internet needs in order to at the very least seriously annoy liars. Let's take a look:

The clip is essentially a super cut of Frakes in his role as the host of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, which was a show that asked its audience to try and guess whether the stories on it were real or false. So basically it was the Fox News of the 1990s.

The question is - does this work? Do you feel like the falseness of this statement is being fully internalized? Or did you just mute the video and look at Frakes talking at you for a minute, while imagining he was agreeing with the false assumption.

Okay immediately this meme has become problematic, as it's not exposing lies we really don't need upturned. "I just saw this," is the polite lie we've all agreed to accept in order to maintain the dignity of every super busy person/bad texter/inconsiderate friend out there.

Yeah, the more we see this meme being used in real life, the more we have to wonder if this is a good thing. In the hands of the wrong kind of teacher, this could end up seriously scarring some kid who really did get his project stolen on the way to school. And he'll grow up blaming Jonathan Frakes for the rest of their lives.

Finally, okay, here we go. This is a fully appropriate and helpful use of this meme: gaslighting your friends to shield your drinking from criticism. It might sound damaging and cruel and like maybe you actually aren't a very good or reliable friend, but hey, it keeps the party going.

This meme really shines when used for educational purposes. We'd like to think this was the original dream of this meme: to make the world a better place by shining some light on some really harsh truths people really do need to face. And also dunk on oblivious white people.

And here is where this seemingly fun meme becomes truly terrifying. Look, it's Jonathan Frakes literally embodying depression in a disturbingly cheerful way. Is this the new voice you'll hear in your head criticizing you when you should be sleeping? Probably!

This one may be a common lie we all tell, but it's easier to approve of this one thanks to the fact that it will save us all so much time. Just imagine all the text messages you can stop sending once we've all accepted we're not getting drinks when we're home, because that would require going outside.

Actually, this whole honesty thing is starting to feel really good. Yes we *are* going to stay up all night watching an entire season of GLOW because you know what? It autoplays and we don't want to go through all the work of finding the remote and pressing a button.

Alright, I'm pretty sure Jonathan Frakes has way better things to do than worry about his meme status. Also, this is a man who flew through space. On a TV show, sure, but that's closer than most of us will ever get, so it's just silly to think he'd be impressed or even proud of his status as a meme.

Sigh. That was a lie.