Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Inspire Hilarious TikTok Prank


| LAST UPDATE 10/04/2023

By Riley Hammond
Taylor Swift TikTok Prank
picture alliance / Contributor via Getty Images

If you were anywhere on the Internet these past couple of weeks, you probably already know about Taylor Swift's rumored romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. But you might not have heard about the hilarious TikTok trend it's inspired: the platform's users have come up with a prank that's gone viral.

Apparently, these Travis Kelce fans are being told by their partners that "no one knew" who he was before Taylor Swift put him on the map. LOL. The NFL enthusiasts, on the other hand, see him as the iconic football player who has competed in two Super Bowls in the last five years of his career, scoring touchdowns in both matches. "I love all of these women intentionally triggering their husbands and boyfriends by saying that no one knew who Travis Kelce was until he started dating Taylor Swift," one X (formerly Twitter) user named Yashar Ali hilariously said. "It's so funny how annoyed they get."

Travis Kelce funny viral
Cooper Neill / Contributor via Getty Images
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One video, posted by TikTok user Tara Althaus, showed a woman discussing the relationship rumors with her husband. "The news about Taylor Swift and Kelce is going crazy right now," she was heard saying. "But I think it's so cool. She's going to help put him on the map." Her husband, on other hand, seemed to believe nothing could be farther from the truth. His eyes widened, and he retorted, "The guy's Travis Kelce. He's like the best tight-end in football, maybe ever." To his disappointment, his wife didn't seem to agree. "I don't think many people know who he is," she said back. "I'm pretty sure she's the one who's making his career go crazy right now."

But the nature of the game of football might have tipped the scales in the women's favor just a bit. One Kelce fan ended up agreeing with his wife, reasoning that since the NFL was only popular in the United States, Europeans might not know who he was if it wasn't for Taylor Swift. "I mean Taylor is worldwide and American football is mainly only in the US. A lot of people not from the US are finding out who he is and what sport/team he plays for," the X user wrote. But perhaps our favorite comment on the whole debate was one that read, "But who did they think of more: Travis Kelce, or the Roman empire?" LOL. Be sure to stay tuned as while the Internet tries to reach a verdict on this one.

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