Stormi Breaks the Internet With Adorable Tiktok Challenge

Taran Underwood

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Quarantine has brought about some hilarious clips of Kylie and Stormi, but her recent TikTok challenge has to be the winner. Little Stormi melted our hearts when she desperately tried to resist her urge to eat the candy her mom had dangled in front of her.


Kylie promised Stormi that if she waited for mom to come back, she'd be allowed 3 of the chocolates. The two-year-old was extremely tempted to sneak in a little bite. There was a moment when we all thought she'd give in. However, Stormi managed to contain herself by repeatedly singing "Patience, patience, patience."


It didn't take long before Kylie's millions of followers were commenting on how adorable this little girl is. "OMG how perfect! This would NOT be the case with Chi! Or especially Saint," wrote Aunty Kim K. Chrissy Teigen also shared a comment. “Ok oh my god this is SO SWEET I gotta try with miles. I know Luna won’t but miles, it’s over.” It goes without saying, the internet loves little Stormi.