Steve Harvey Gets Hilariously Trolled By Producers on Family Feud

Eliott Tanner

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Who doesn't love a good Family Feud? We know Steve Harvey sure does, being the host of the show and all. But recently the 64-year-old got a taste of his own medicine after producers tested his patience on air.

Steve Harvey
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The show kicked off with a very loud bang; "Name something Steve Harvey has had more than one of" Steve asked out loud. Tiyanna, the first contester, quickly pressing the buzzer to savagely answer "Women." Steve, clearly uncomfortable, did his best to play it cool for the remainder of the show - only to be challenged progressively more. He proceeded on to question both teams but both couldn't guess numbers 4, 6, and 7. So, he went on to reveal the answers only to be completely trolled out of his poker face. Now, we don't want to spoil your experience seeing Harvey taken away by the answers. So, go ahead and skip to 3.37 to check it out yourself. (Warning, spoiler alert below this video)

"Bloopers/Misread Cards." Ouch! Harvey was definitely not prepared for such a blow. We understand that being a show-host is a tough job that is bound to have mistakes along the way, especially if you've done it for a decade... But that's not what the board was referring to: Harvey made headlines in 2015 when he read out the wrong winner of the Miss Universe contest. While hosting the pageant, he read out Miss Colombia, Adriana Gutierrez as the winner. She had been crowned, flowered, and the whole shebang before things turned sour when the millions of viewers watching the contest were told that Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was actually the winner.

Steve Harvey Miss Universe
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Despite the 2015 headlines, he continued to host the Miss Universe pageants, but in 2019 there was confusion over a National Costume contest winner. The woman who stood next to him on stage, Miss Malaysia, was mistakenly identified as the winner. Basically, the category on the Monday edition of Family Feud was Harvey and his historic failures. We think that he definitely took it like a champ, ending the show with a shrugging laugh about it all.

Steve Harvey Laughing
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With all being said, one answer definitely stood out: "Steve has more than 4 hands" - neither Steve nor the audience understood what that meant and it seems like it will remain a mystery forever, giving us Feud for thought.