Stephanie Beatriz Talks Firsts from Comedy Career


| LAST UPDATE 11/25/2021

By Kayla Black
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For longtime lovers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it's hard to imagine life without Stephanie Beatriz. But like all legendary actors and actresses, Beatriz was once new to Hollywood, and that came with some hilarious firsts. Lucky for us, she was willing to share her funny stories with Buzzfeed Celeb.

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So, what was Stephanie Beatriz's first memory of filming the Brooklyn Nine-Nine pilot? Well, despite it being the role that changed her life, funnily enough, the 40-year-old actress didn't remember much of the first episode. "I can't remember anything about filming the pilot," she admitted. Except for one special moment that mildly convinces us that Andy Samberg can see into the future. "There was a conversation that took place very late at night when we were shooting the pilot," Stephanie explained. And while sitting at a table with her future co-stars, Andy looked around and shared his prophecy. "Well, get used to these faces, we're gonna be seeing them for the next seven years," our Jake Peralta shared. And he wasn't wrong!

Stephanie then went on to list off her first impressions from her comical gang of Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast members. "Andy Samberg: so smart, Joe Lo Truglio: so funny, Melissa Fumero: so kind and generous," Beatriz shared. And Terry Crews? "So much bigger in real life than you would ever imagine," Stephanie jokingly recalled. And, of course, Chelsea Peretti was forever engrained in Stephanie's memory as an "absolute comic genius." But enough about the ol' B99 days. One of Beatriz's funniest stories had to do with a fangirl moment with one special country star.

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"I was backstage at Rockefeller Center," Stephanie recalled. "Dolly Parton was doing a morning show. She sang from her new album, and then she walked by me in the hallway." The comedian couldn't believe what she was seeing, and truly learned the meaning of "starstruck" in that moment. "My hands are sweating just thinking about it!" Stephanie joked as she recalled being frozen and unable to introduce herself as a mega-fan.

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