From True Love to Divorce: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Relationship Timeline


| LAST UPDATE 09/06/2023

By Evelyn Martinez

What went wrong for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner? The so-called perfect A-List couple has officially filed for divorce. We're taking a look back at their love story, starting from the very beginning…

The Beginning of Joe

Born after older brother Kevin and followed by younger bro Nick, Joe was raised in a family of talented performers in Arizona. While Jonas wasn’t a big name yet, Joe and his brothers knew their potential.

Joe Jonas childhood youngJoe Jonas childhood young
@joejonas via Instagram

Before forming the band we know today, Joe performed on a Broadway stage for Baz Luhrmann’s La Boheme. Realizing music was the their true passion, in 2005, the brothers sent demo tapes to producers under the band name Son of Jonas. Instead, the family settled on the Jonas Brothers, so their journey began.

The Start of Sophie

Sophie was born in Northampton in the UK, an hour and a half drive from London. The youngest of three siblings and two older brothers, the actress was almost one-half of a twin. Surprisingly, Sophie is not a natural redhead, as popularized in her Game of Thrones role; she is naturally blonde.

Sophie Turner childhood youngSophie Turner childhood young
@sophiet via Instagram

When she was two, the Turner gang decided to relocate to the rural town of Chestershire, where the soon-to-be actor had a quiet farm upbringing. Sophie later told The Telegraph, "My childhood was pretty fun. We had pigsties, barns, and a paddock and used to muck around in the mud."

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Joever Jonas

After The Jonas Brothers formed in 2005, the brothers quickly became one of the most popular boy bands in the world. Collaborations with Disney on Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, and several live music films launched the band to worldwide fame. Nick became a teenage heartthrob, and girls longed to be with the young star.

Jonas Brothers Disney HannahJonas Brothers Disney Hannah
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

Joe released four studio albums with the Jonas Brothers, sold over 10 million records worldwide, and won numerous awards. Years later, Joe embarked on a solo career, releasing a debut album in 2013, and also starred in several films and television shows, including Scream Queens and Kingdom.

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Sophie's Stroke of Luck

Some people have the best luck because Game of Thrones was Sophie's first professional attempt at acting. With no experience beyond local theatre, Sophie told the Hollywood Reporter her excitement of the news. "My mom woke me up one morning and said, 'Good morning, Sansa.' I woke up and was like, 'No!' and just started crying." 

Sophie Turner Audition GOTSophie Turner Audition GOT
@sophiet via Instagram

Sophie was fourteen when season one of the hit HBO series began filming. Within a few seasons, Sophie and her red hair became internationally recognizable. With an Emmy nomination and rave reviews, Sophie started to book more TV and film roles, notably as a young Jean Grey in the X-Men universe.

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How to Be the Heartbreaker

Anyone labeled ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl by tabloids has definitely had its fair share of romantic flings. Perhaps Joe’s most famous romantic dalliance was with Taylor Swift in the prehistoric era of 2008. While the duo only dated for a few months, Joe gained notoriety for breaking up with Miss Blondie in a 25-second phone call.

Joe Jonas Taylor SwiftJoe Jonas Taylor Swift
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Likely a PR stunt, as the two stars are now good friends, but the infamous beef lasted years and consisted of public jabs at each other at interviews and performances. After co-starring in Camp Rock, Joe and Demi Lovato dated for 48 hours before announcing they were “better off as friends.” The 2000s were the messiest of times. 

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A Tale of Online Love 

Just like any respectable lady, Sophie has a type. The Dark Phoenix actress likes boy band guitarists with voices as smooth as butter, evidenced by her 2014 relationship with James McVey, the lead guitarist of British boy band The Vamps. During their short fling, the duo posted multiple pics online of their beach dates.

Sophie Turner James MCveySophie Turner James MCvey
@jamesmcvey via Instagram

Like any couple these days, Sophie and James exchanged first contact via social media. Sophie was eighteen, while James was 20, and their interest in each other was widely available on Twitter and Instagram. As to why they broke up, who knows. James later said they “actually parted really amicably.”

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Never Stop Never Stopping

You thought we would stop there with the Prince of Pop? Before he settled down (temporarily), Joe was a serial dater. His more recent relationship with Swiss model Blanda Eggenschwiler lasted 20 months before they called it quits, reportedly because the Jonas family joint didn’t love his other half.

Joe Jonas Gigi HadidJoe Jonas Gigi Hadid
Jean Catuffe via Getty Images

In June 2015, Joe moved on to another model and a best friend of his ex Taylor Swift. Gigi Hadid and Joe were spotted in an intense bout of PDA. Later that month, Joe, Gigi, and Taylor had a big group lunch where things seemed quite chummy. However, the couple ended things five months later.

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Sophie is Spinning the Rumor Mill

Joe may have been a freak on the streets when it came to dating, but Sophie has a fair share of rumored romances herself. While the X-Men: Apocalypse actress locked lips with her co-star Tye Sheridan on-screen, who's to say they didn't take it off-screen? Sophie has admitted she is "completely in love" with Tye.

Sophie Turner Thomas MannSophie Turner Thomas Mann
@sophiet via Instagram

In 2014, Sophie shared a photo of her and Project X actor Thomas Mann holding hands. Having recently filmed Barely Lethal with Thomas, it wasn't implausible they were dating. Nothing has been confirmed, but the duo were spotted at a Halloween event together. Maybe now-single Sophie will pick up things where they left off?

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A Fine Day for Flirting

How does any modern romance start these days? Through the DMs, of course. Sophie spoke to Harper's Bazaar on how the duo connected. She said, "We had a lot of mutual friends. And they'd been trying to introduce us for a long time. We were following each other on Insta, and he direct-messaged me one fine day, out of the blue."

Sophie Turner relationship datingSophie Turner relationship dating
Neil Mockford via Getty Images

With famous friends always on the prowl to connect with their other famous friends, it was indeed a matter of time before these soon-to-be lovebirds found each other. With a few weeks of DMing on Instagram, the duo finally met up a few weeks later in what we can only describe as history. 

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Arranging the First Meet

With a few weeks of flirting behind them, Joe and Sophie decided to meet up. Luckily for the pair, Joe was on the UK leg of his DNCE tour, so they decided to meet up at a local pub. Still unconvinced Joe was really Joe, she brought a pack of her closest male friends to keep her safe.

Sophie Joe dating divorceSophie Joe dating divorce
@sophiet via Instagram

Sophie told Elle, "I brought all my guy friends to come with me to meet him because in the back of my mind, I still worried that he could be a catfish — or I don't know what. I just wanted my guy friends with me. I had my rugby boys. I was safe." Even with security, Joe would have had no chance against a pack of rugby boys.

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The Fateful Meet-and-Greet

It's safe to say that Sophie didn't have high expectations for meeting with the Jonas Brother. She told Elle, "I expected him to show up with security and everything. I thought, 'He's gonna be such a d***." Rather, the singer turned up with just one friend, and "they drank just as hard as the rest of" her British pals.

Sophie Turner Joe JonasSophie Turner Joe Jonas
@sophiet via Instagram

Even with the intense drinking in what she described as a "local s***ty bar, dirty, with great music and people throwing up everywhere," Sophie and Joe sat down and "talked for hours." What a child pop star and actress could be discussing is beyond us, but soon the duo were "inseparable," and Sophie joined him on tour.

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(Instagram) Official

As a couple that met via Instagram, it only makes sense they would announce the relationship via the same avenue. In early 2017, Sophie shared a photo of Joe on her Instagram, smoking a cigar and looking into the distance dramatically. She captioned the post, "Miami daze." And that was that. 

Sophie Turner Joe JonasSophie Turner Joe Jonas
@sophiet via Instagram

Not long after, Nick, Joe's younger brother and fellow band member, shared a photo of the couple in fancy dress overlooking New York City. With the caption, "these two," followed by a love heart, fans knew this was no mere fling. Joe plays his part as the Insta boyfriend well with constant comments of emojis on Sophie's posts.

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Opening Up With Sophie

Even though just about everyone and their grandmother knew Joe and Sophie were dating, neither had commented on the relationship. Until, in an interview with The Sunday Times, Sophie revealed she is in "a very private relationship." Although she neglected to mention her relationship is with Mr. Perfectly Fine, we won't make a fuss.

Turner Jonas celebrity relationshipTurner Jonas celebrity relationship
@sophiet via Instagram

Not long after, Sophie spoke further with Marie Claire UK about the public obsession with her relationship. She said, "You do feel like you're living in a fishbowl! It's frustrating [that] it's the most mundane things that make the news—how boring! There are really no other headlines?"

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Porky Jonas-Turner

One year in, and the celebrity couple were clearly going strong. So much so that they decided to have a baby together. When we say baby, we mean the canine breed. Joe and Sophie must have been serious by now because adopting a baby pup is no joke. In September 2017, Porky was welcomed to the Jonas clan.

Sophie Turner dog relationshipSophie Turner dog relationship
@sophiet via Instagram

In an Instagram post, Sophie shared a photo of the new addition to their growing family with the caption, "Meet the newest addition to the krew @porkybasquiat." Of course, Porky had his own account, and it had more followers than any average person. Porky's brother Waldo was also brought into the fold months later.

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First comes love, then comes a dog, promptly followed by engagement; it is the natural order of things. After just one year of dating, Sophie and Jonas announced their engagement to the world via Instagram. You're seeing a common thread here, right? The couple were then spotted celebrating their engagement in NYC.

Sophie Joe Engaged MarriedSophie Joe Engaged Married
@sophiet via Instagram

In matching photos, Joe shared the caption, "She said yes," while Sophie captioned her post, "I said yes." Sophie was only twenty-one when Joe popped the question, but she defended her choice in an interview with the Rolling Stones, saying, "I think once you've found the right person, you just know." We'll see about that. 

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Couple Debut in Paris

Even after a year of dating, an engagement, a dog, and a plethora of paparazzi pictures, it’s crazy to hear that Sophie and Joe had not even purposefully attended an event as a couple. Finally, the A-List duo relented when they rocked up at Paris Fashion Week hand-in-hand for the Louis Vuitton show.

Sophie Joe relationship celebritySophie Joe relationship celebrity
@sophiet via Instagram

In an almost coordinated look, Sophie and Joe rocked up to the event with fans and paparazzi just about losing their marbles with excitement. Following the fashion festivities, the couple were seated for the event’s meal; Sophie shared a picture of them followed by the caption, “With my love in Paris.”

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Temporary Split

When things seemed to be better than ever for the couple, Sophie later revealed to the Sunday Times that she and Joe had broken things off temporarily. She said, “It was the worst day of our lives. For a second, we both had cold feet. Then 24 hours later, we were both like, ‘Never mind.’”

Sophie Turner divorce JonasSophie Turner divorce Jonas
Ricky Vigil via Getty Images

The actress had been dealing with mental health struggles, and the short breakup was collateral. “I was going through this phase of being very mentally unwell. He was like, ‘I can’t be with you until you love yourself; I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.’” She added, “I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.”

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The One in Vegas: Part 1

Celebrities wouldn’t be celebrities without being unpredictable at about every point. In this edition, Sophie and Joe decided on a whim to get hitched at the famous A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Diplo live-streamed the event, ring pops were used for celebration bands, and an Elvis impersonator officiated. 

Sophie Joe Vegas WeddingSophie Joe Vegas Wedding
@sophiet via Instagram

Hilariously, the wedding took place just hours after the Billboard Music Awards. Joe later revealed to GQ they still had to get “legally married in the States” anyway. Despite Nick, Kevin, and random celebrity’s presences for the impromptu wedding, Joe admitted he forgot to invite his parents. 

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The One in France: Part 2

If their last-minute Vegas wedding was the fun event, their destination wedding in France was the real thing. Make no mistake, though, this wedding was the wedding to end all weddings. Held at Le Château de Tourreau in Southern France. The couple were spotted around the country in the leadup to their second round of nuptials.

Sophie Joe Chateau France Sophie Joe Chateau France
@sophiet via Instagram

Maisie Williams, Sophie’s on-screen sister in Game of Thrones, served as her maid-of-honor, while the rest of the Jonas bros were groomsmen. Sophie wore a Louis Vuitton long-sleeve bridal gown designed by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière. Four years later, the event is still shrouded in secrecy. 

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Baby Willa 

2020, the year of COVID-19, gave many celebrity couples the chance to either open up or provide them with a reason to conceal secrets; the latter was the pick of Sophie and Joe. A year after the couple said ‘I do,’ Sophie was spotted in Los Angeles with a baby bump that looked almost ready for delivery.

Sophie Joe daughter celebritySophie Joe daughter celebrity
@sophiet via Instagram

A month after being caught by paparazzi, Sophie gave birth to a baby girl. TMZ revealed the baby’s name was Willa. Later, Sophie even got a tattoo with the letter ‘W’ to celebrate her new baby’s birth. There is a character called Willa in Game of Thrones; perhaps the couple are bigger fans than we thought.

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D. J. Baby

Exactly two years after the birth of Willa, Sophie and Joe revealed they had welcomed their second daughter in July 2022. While her name has still not been disclosed, her name was listed as D. Jonas on Joe’s divorce papers to Sophie. She told Elle, "We're so excited to be expanding the family. It's the best blessing ever."

Sophie Joe Baby familySophie Joe Baby family
@sophiet via Instagram

Before their second child was born, Sophie told Elle what another baby meant for Willa. "I think she just thinks that a belly is a baby, and that's the name for it. But she is a lot clingier than normal, so I think she has an idea. She wants Mummy all of the time - she's claiming her territory".

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Papa Joe

Joe may have been thirty-two when his second daughter was born, but the Jonas Brothers singer still feels "like a kid raising kids." When he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Joe gave his absent daughters some love, saying, "To my little ones at home, Daddy loves you to the moon and back."

Sophie Turner pregnant celebritySophie Turner pregnant celebrity
Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

For his People cover interview, Joe spoke about being a dad and how it has changed him. "It's been amazing to be a dad and to learn every day more about myself and what that's like. Living in a new city, and it's a very exciting time. I'm very much looking forward to the future on all things."

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Fameless Famous Babies

During Sophie's very open interview with Elle, she shared her views on fame and how she doesn't want that life for her daughters. "My daughter never asked for any of this… It's not something I want her to deal with unless she says, 'This is what I want to do.' We're quite strict about that."

Sophie Turner baby bumpSophie Turner baby bump
@sophiet via Instagram

Sophie continued, "We'll encourage her to do whatever she wants, but I don't think we would professionally let her do anything until she's 18." It seems the Jonas babies will not appear on-screen if Sophie or Joe has anything to do with it, but they may be destined for rebellion.

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Privacy is Paramount

In his interview with Mr. Porter, Joe discussed the reasons for his and Sophie's private relationship. He said, "I want to feel like an open book. But when we started dating, I realized that I didn't have a ton of stuff that was just for me. And in the end, it makes me a better person to have something for myself."

Sophie Turner Joe JonasSophie Turner Joe Jonas
Lionel Hahn via Getty Images

Earlier this year, Sophie accidentally shared a video of Willa and quickly deleted it and called it an "honest mistake." She shared a story saying, "Our children deserve the right to grow up out of the public eye, to learn and grow in private." Most parents make mistakes, but when celeb parents do it, everyone hears about it.

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Divorce Intentions

Fans were thrown into a frenzy when TMZ broke the news that the couple had revealed their intention to divorce. Joe has reportedly been looking for divorce lawyers in the LA area and is “on the cusp of filing divorce docs.” The news is a massive shock to both Sophie and Joe fans as they were once considered a ‘power couple.’

Sophie Turner Joe JonasSophie Turner Joe Jonas
Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer via Getty Images

After buying a gorgeous property in Miami for $11 million in 2022, the couple sold it only a year later for $15 million in September. People were confused about why the couple had decided to sell so soon, but with the recent announcement of Joe’s intentions, things make a lot more sense.

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Confusion Is in the Air

TMZ's sources have said the couple has been experiencing "serious problems" for the past six months and have been separated since. Contrary to that, Sophie has consistently shown only love for her husband online, so fans wonder if it was just a front. People are desperately trying to deduce the reason for their split.

Sophie Joe Divorce relationshipSophie Joe Divorce relationship
Ricky Vigil via Getty Images

Some fans believe the split could be due to Sophie's desire to return to living in the UK. She told Elle, "I miss England so much. The people, the attitude, everything. I'm slowly dragging my husband back." She even admitted moving back would be better for her "mental health." She added, "But Joe might take some convincing!"

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Back in London, Baby

Sophie was previously living in the UK for three months during the summer filming for her upcoming role in the TV series Joan as the title character. Sophie’s decision to work on the series overseas meant Joe was left to care for their daughters while he traveled on tour. 

Sophie Turner UK LondonSophie Turner UK London
Gotham via Getty Images

According to the TMZ source, Joe was left to parent the children “pretty much all the time.” Fans quickly noted that Sophie has taken a massive step back in her career since meeting Joe. Her lead role in the upcoming series was the first major gig since the final season of Game of Thrones

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The Ring Saga

Joe has been spotted in New York City without his wedding ring in the past few weeks. However, he had clearly put his wedding band back on for his Monday night performance in Austin for his ongoing tour with the Jonas Brothers. Was it to confuse audiences or to dispel rumors? We aren’t any wiser.  

Joe Jonas wedding ringJoe Jonas wedding ring
@joejonas via Instagram

Joe also shared a photo of him, Nick, and Kevin in Texas, enjoying the sunset and celebrating Labor Day weekend. In the photo, Joe is clearly wearing his wedding ring. He can’t seem to make up his mind. If that wasn’t enough, Joe posted another photo of just him and an undeniable wedding ring. Sigh.

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Starting to Hesitate

Any celebrity couple has to live with fans and their two cents on every aspect of their lives. This applies tenfold to a couple that grew up in the limelight, like Sophie and Joe. Fans are commenting on their photos, begging for answers, explanations, and denials. However, thus far, Sophie and Joe are leaving us on silent.

Joe Jonas celebrity breakupJoe Jonas celebrity breakup
Scott Legato via Getty Images

On Monday night, The Jonas Brother’s performance of Hesitate was particularly emotional for Joe. The song was written as a love letter to Sophie and references his support of her during her lows. As Joe promised in the song, will he really “take [her] pain, and put it on [his] heart?” Perhaps Joe is hesitating.

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The Beginning of the End

It's official; Joe has filed for divorce from wife of four years Sophie. The file read that their "marriage is irretrievably broken." Joe has also requested "shared parental responsibility" between him and Sophie. While we don't know how valuables will be split, we know the former couple signed a prenuptial agreement. 

Joe Jonas children custodyJoe Jonas children custody
Gotham via Getty Images

A source reported to TMZ that their split was a result of "different lifestyles" as he likes to "stay at home," whereas she "likes to party." The document suggested the children have been in "Miami and other locations throughout the US" while on tour with Joe. So, what's next for this family? Stay tuned as we find out more...

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