Shay Mitchell Hilariously Reveals Secret Pregnancy


| LAST UPDATE 02/09/2022

By Riley Hammond
shay mitchell pregnancy tiktok
Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images

Shay Mitchell apparently has a few tricks up her sleeve for soon-to-be moms who aren't quite ready to share the big news with the world just yet. After announcing her pregnancy via Instagram, the Dollface star took to TikTok to share her secret to keeping her baby bump out of sight for so long.

In the beginning of her viral video, Mitchell was seen dressed in a brown blazer and a matching skirt and appeared to be straightening out her blazer nonchalantly. At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But suddenly, she opened her blazer to reveal her baby bump - which we definitely hadn't noticed earlier! She used the viral "nobody's gonna know" audio for the video, making it all the more entertaining. Indeed, no one did know about her bump until she showed it to us herself!


How would they know?! 🤣

♬ how would they know bad girls club - Chris Gleason
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Fans reacted to the amusing clip, which has since garnered around 2.1 million likes, with congratulatory comments and praises for her creativity. One user named @liveyalifeayyyyy wrote: "The most on point shay pregnancy announcement," adding a skull emoji at the end. Another user, @hiphop_dancer06 commented, "Was not expecting that! Congratulations Mama! Always Glowing." The video, which was viewed more than 11 million times, was captioned "How would they know?!" with a ROFL emoji. Well, we have to admit that she definitely had us - and probably millions of other fans -fooled.

shay mitchell tiktok pregnancy
David Livingston / Stringer via Getty Images

The hilarious video was posted just a day after the 34-year-old actress shared a photo of her growing bump on Instagram. In the lengthy caption, Mitchell mentioned her grandmother, who had recently passed away. "Saying goodbye to a loved one while simultaneously experiencing the joy of welcoming another into this world is the great cycle of life," she wrote. She then added, "Little one, we are so excited to meet you. I breathe a sigh of peace knowing you two are already connected in such a cosmic way." We're happy to see the You star coming up with creative ways to remind us all of the balance between love, loss, and laughter. We can only hope for more positive news like this as her journey continues. Keep us posted, Shay!

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