Shaq Lists the Hilarious Things He's Too Tall for in Viral Clip


| LAST UPDATE 09/11/2023

By Riley Hammond
Shaquille O'Neal hilarious TikTok
Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

Standing more than seven feet tall with an impressive resume that includes multiple championships and MVP awards, you'd think there's pretty much nothing that Shaquille O'Neal can't do. But according to a recent interview Bobbi Althoff, it turns out that's not exactly true...

In a now-viral clip that now has more than 2 million likes, Shaq revealed the answer to the question, "What are things that you wish you could do but you're too tall for?" And to the surprise of fans across the world (us included!), he had his unexpected response ready. Wearing a pair of shades and a hilariously unfazed expression on his face, he replied with, "Sky dive," before moving on to "scuba dive." Thankfully, the camera then switched to Bobbi, who had a look on her face that confirmed we were all thinking the same thing. "You're too tall to scuba dive?" she asked, which he then confirmed. "I feel like if you just stand up in the ocean you can reach the bottom," she reasoned. And it's hard not to agree with her argument...

Shaquille O'Neal funny interview
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images
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"But I'm too heavy," Shaq then replied. "Because when you scuba dive they give you weights, and then when I hit down I hit the button, but I never came back up. Almost drowned." LOL. Who would've thought? Apparently, though, it wasn't long before he found a way out of the situation. "I just said the famous word, Shaqmu." LOL. Then Bobbi had another question for him: "Have you ever ridden a horse?" And that's when we all unanimously thought, "There's no way" - but Shaq managed to surprise us yet again with another hilarious story. "Yeah, he tried to kill me," said the sports analyst, and Bobbi replied, "I can see why." Referring to the poor animal, she dared to ask, "And now they have to put that it was damaged by you?" But Shaq's response was pure comedy gold: "Nope. He's in Orlando eating snacks." We're dying.

@bobbialthoff Coming tomorrow with @Shaq Diesel ♬ original sound - Bobbi

Fans flooded the comments section of the hilarious clip, with one user writing, "this is the best duo cuz Shaq playing into it her vibe so well," and another adding, "the contrast between shaq holding the mic with 2 fingers and bobbi gripping it with her whole hand is really sending me." We don't know about your, but our sides are officially hurting. Stay tuned for more hilarious content!

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