Shakira Spills the Tea on Her Dramatic Split From Gerard Piqué


| LAST UPDATE 06/08/2023

By Taran Underwood

Everyone adored them when they were together - one of the biggest pop stars and one of the most talented footballers; what could be better? But their fairytale didn't last forever. Given their recent divorce drama, buckle up while we trace their wild ride…

Queen of Latin Music

Shakira is the Queen of Latin Music! A total superstar, this Colombian native has been ruling over international airways with her hit songs since she released her first album at just 13 years old. Hips Don't Lie, anyone?

shakira hips don't lieshakira hips don't lie
KMazur/Contributor via Getty Images

Well, neither does Shakira's talent - the singer has won an impressive 15 music awards and sold 140 million records worldwide. But her charm goes beyond singing; a true triple threat in showbiz, Shakira will bring life to any party - whether it be through song or dance… now that's something worth celebrating!

Meet Gerard

Gerard Piqué is a soccer star with skills that can no longer be contained on the field. He commanded his talents across both England and Spain, having made 397 appearances in total as a defender for teams like Manchester United and FC Barcelona - it's clear he brought home more than just one gold cup!

gerard pique fc football careergerard pique fc football career
David Ramos/Staff via Getty Images

His time defending Spanish shores has been integral to their global success; thanks to him, they conquered the 2010 World Cup final, plus took hold of two consecutive Euros titles! But what sets this superman apart? Off-field endeavors, too: it turns out his vision was so sharp you could even catch him setting goals off the pitch.

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The Start of It All

In 2010, when South Africa made history by hosting the first African-hosted FIFA World Cup, Shakira and Piqué had a casual meet-up that ended in football fandom. Before they were a global power couple with two adorable kids – it all started with one unforgettable performance of Waka Waka at the tournament's opening ceremony!

shakira waka waka world cupshakira waka waka world cup
Stuart Franklin/Staff via Getty Images

Months after their fateful encounter in 2010, Piqué confessed to TV3 how " all started when we were together in South Africa [and] I wrote her". Who could have guessed something this noteworthy would come out of such a world-changing event?

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Worlds Colliding

Who could have known the fate of Shakira and soccer superstar Gerard Pique? She had certainly never heard his name - or seen him play before she met on set for their iconic Waka Waka music video. Shakira told 60 Minutes, "I wasn't a soccer fan, so I didn't know who he was."

shakira gerard pique instagramshakira gerard pique instagram
@shakira via Instagram

It was love at first sight - although it took a mutual friend to introduce them! "When I saw the video, I was like, 'Hmm, that one's kind of cute.' And then someone decided to introduce us," she added. But that didn't stop our star-crossed lovers from achieving greatness together; there was still an entire World Cup left to win, after all!

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We Are the Champions

The 2010 World Cup was a thrilling four weeks of South African winter suspense. Spain, who had gone undefeated in their lead-up matches against all opponent nations, went head to head with the Netherlands for that coveted trophy and gold medal!

gerard pique world cup 2010gerard pique world cup 2010
Jeff Mitchell FIFA/Contributor via Getty Images

After 90 minutes without any scoring action, it seemed like we'd have another goalless draw - but then Gerard stepped up just before the clock ran out on extra time and found himself crowned champion after firing home the winning goal! Phew – close call…

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Becoming Official

Following the World Cup, fans speculated about whether Shakira and Piqué were an item - until they had their answers! The duo declared themselves as #official when they posted a photo together online. After that, during her "The Sun Comes Out" World Tour, Shakira brought along her new man and his teammates to give everyone a dance lesson.

gerard pique shakira world cupgerard pique shakira world cup
Europa Press Entertainment/Contributor via Getty Images

And she also shared a passionate smooch with him in front of all those passionate fans… Talk about chemistry! Ever since then, these two have not been shy to make their feelings known. They've been seen canoodling throughout public events like no one's business. ¡Qué romántico!

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Unexpected Surprise

In 2012, Shakira missed out on the iHeartRadio festival because she had something even better coming up - a baby!  "As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby!" she shared. Later that year, her little bundle of joy, Milan Piqué Mebarak was born.

shakira gerard pique family childrenshakira gerard pique family children
@shakira via Instagram

Proud parents Shakira and Gerard couldn't get enough of their son, who has certainly kept them busy since then. While off-the-field work seemed to be keeping Gerard pretty occupied (babysitting duties!), it looked like he was more than living up to his 'superstar' name in true daddy fashion!

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Amor Verdadero

Shakira and Gerard had true love or 'amor verdadero' as it is called in Spanish. Despite already having a loving relationship and a baby boy together, Shakira asserted that marriage wasn't necessary. She told Glamour in 2014, "We already have what's essential, you know?" 

shakira gerard pique relationship timelineshakira gerard pique relationship timeline
@shakira via Instagram

"We have a union, a love for each other, and a baby. I think that those aspects of our relationship are already established, and marriage is not going to change them," she added. After all, why fix something if it ain't broken? It seemed like these two were meant for each other from day one. For now, at least.

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Expanding the Family

The world was shook - Shakira and Piqué had another bundle of joy on the way! "Yes, we are expecting our second baby!! Thank you for all your well wishes!" she gushed. After months of speculation, they finally announced that a second little one would join their family awash in love.

gerard pique children sonsgerard pique children sons
@3gerardpique via Instagram

From online posts to mags like Cosmopolitan en Español, Sasha arrived on January 29, 2015. Finally complete after years spent together as three, it seemed nothing could tear them apart... Unfortunately, the couple's bliss wouldn't last for long.

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Me Enamoré

Even the most romantic love story can be a Grammy winner! After Shakira and her partner, Piqué declared their undying love with Me Enamoré (translation: I fell in love!), it quickly became a hit. As for what, exactly, was so special about Shakira's latest track?

shakira gerard pique dating historyshakira gerard pique dating history
@shakira via Instagram

Their declaration of devotion was officially awarded when El Dorado won Best Latin Pop Album at the 2018 Grammys - too sweet for words! The couple celebrated by belting out their own song while jumping on an outdoor trampoline – hilarious yet adorable all at once... Who said that true romance couldn’t win awards?

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"Happiest" Goodbye

After a hard-fought journey in international football, Piqué announced his retirement from the Spanish team in 2018. With unconditional support and love from Shakira – plus their two super cute kids - by his side, it wasn't too difficult for him to make up his mind.

gerard pique football retirementgerard pique football retirement
David Ramos/Stringer via Getty Images

Shakira celebrated this big moment with an Instagram post that said, "Love, finished the stage that we will always keep in our hearts. One of the happiest moments of my life has also been seeing you win in 2010 with the national team and celebrate with Spain's champions! Shak." Talk about #familygoals!

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Staying Silent

Everyone knew Shakira and Gerard had an unbreakable bond, but did you know he was there for her during one of the toughest times in her life? In 2017, she suffered a devastating hemorrhage to her vocal cords that left her unable to sing or talk.

shakira gerard pique interviewshakira gerard pique interview
@shakira via Instagram

"He jokes that you would think you would want your wife to shut up - but when I had to remain quiet, he felt like one of those ex-convicts who are given their freedom and don't know what to do with it," she recalled. "I was a bitter person to be around. Gerard saw the worst of me."

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Legal Battles

In 2018, Shakira was put in another difficult position as Spanish prosecutors accused her of tax evasion. They were alleging that the Whenever, Wherever singer had withheld $14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014! As for what Shak had to say about it?

shakira tax evasion trialshakira tax evasion trial
Europa Press Entertainment/Contributor via Getty Images

She explained to Elle magazine, "I didn't spend 183 days per year [in Spain] at that time at all. I was busy fulfilling my professional commitments around the world. Second, I've paid everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed a lawsuit. So, as of today, I owe zero to them." 

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The Ultimate Player

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took February 2020 by storm with a show-stopping performance for the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show in Miami, Florida. The dynamic duo sang their hits from Jenny From the Block to Whenever, Wherever - each more electrifying than the last!

shakira j.lo super bowlshakira j.lo super bowl
Kevin Winter/Staff via Getty Images

With special appearances from Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and J.Lo's daughter Emme Muñiz (as well as both musicians' shared birthday), this halftime show was something you definitely had to witness - or watch over and over on YouTube today! But off the stage, her relationship was calling for lots of questions.

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His Wife... & "Lover"

For many years, Shakira and her long-term partner Piqué have been a duo to be reckoned with - however, marriage has never been in their crosshairs! In an interview together, the singer shockingly confessed that she preferred for him to "see me as his girlfriend. His lover, his girlfriend. It's like a forbidden fruit, you know?"

shakira gerard pique girlfriendshakira gerard pique girlfriend
@shakira via Instagram

She continued, "To tell you the truth, marriage scares the s--- out of me. I don't want him to see me as the wife...  I wanna keep him on his toes. I want him to think that anything's possible depending on behavior." A wise old proverb warns: Be careful what you wish for; could this cautionary tale mean trouble is ahead?

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Secret Disagreements

From the sound of it, Shakira and her "special someone" agreed on just about everything in life - well, except for one thing: punctuality. On a recent podcast appearance, she revealed that they frequently bickered because their respective cultures held different standards when it came to timekeeping.

shakira gerard pique sightingshakira gerard pique sighting
Europa Press Entertainment/Contributor via Getty Images

 "... he has to wait up for me so long. He's tired of waiting up. 'Cause Colombian time is not the same as Catalonian time, Spanish time," Shakira confessed on the podcast Planet Weirdo with Holly H. "The times that we actually fight is because I'm late and he's waiting up." 

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Trouble on the Horizon

Nonetheless, Shakira and Gerard Pique were quite the inspirational duo, consistently displaying their love for each other on social media. It seemed not even a catastrophe could keep this duo apart. In an emotional interview, Shakira proclaimed that before meeting Gerard, she began doubting God's existence...

shakira gerard pique drama timelineshakira gerard pique drama timeline
Isaac Brekken/Billboard Awards 2014/Contributor via Getty Images

...But then fate brought them together like sunshine breaking through dark clouds. "I think, if you can prove the existence of God, it can only be proven through love… I started to think that there was no God. And suddenly, I meet Gerard, and the sun comes out."

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A Shocking Split

In June 2022, after 11 years of marriage and 2 kids later, the world was left stunned when one of its most beloved power couples officially announced their split. Reports quickly surfaced that Piqué had moved out from Shakira and their kids - but what really caused the breakdown between these seemingly perfect partners?

shakira gerard pique breakup announcementshakira gerard pique breakup announcement
@3gerardpique via Instagram

"We regret to confirm that we are separating," they had announced. Fans were asking for answers as to why things suddenly unraveled in such a dramatic way. "We ask for privacy at this moment for the well-being of our children, who are our maximum priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect." 

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Silent Summer

After a long, silent summer that had us wondering what happened to the once-powerful couple, we learned intriguing news: Shakira was joining Dancing With Myself as a judge - an electrifying dance competition series where everyday people compete for grand prize money.

shakira gerard kids instagramshakira gerard kids instagram
@shakira via Instagram

And while we waited with anticipation over her status following their split, our questions were answered when she posted photos introducing her two boys at the Los Angeles Dodgers game! As for Gerard? He was quiet online - at least for now.

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"Darkest Hours"

After a year of silence, Shakira shared her story with Elle in September 2022 - revealing some incredibly intimate details about the toughest time in her life. The music icon opened up on feeling lost and confused before discovering that no matter how dark things seemed, there was still hope ahead.

shakira breakup interview elleshakira breakup interview elle
Gotham/Contributor via Getty Images

"I've remained quiet and just tried to process it all," she began. "And I feel like in this moment of my life, which is probably one of the most difficult, darkest hours of my life, music has brought light." It was only up from here - right?

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Things took an emotional turn for Shakira only 1 month after her breakup with longtime partner Piqué when she released Monotonía, a heart-wrenching song accompanied by a shady music video. In the clip, we see the singer wandering around with - quite literally - a gaping hole in her chest where her beating heart used to be.

shakira monotonía music videoshakira monotonía music video
@shakira via Instagram

To add insult to injury (or rather 'heartache') Shakira finally seals away this symbol of love in what appears to be some kind of safe deposit box at the end of it all... But was there more to the story? "It wasn't your fault, not was it mine/ It was the monotony's fault/ I never said anything, but it hurt me/ I knew this would happen," she sang.

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Despite mom and dad's drama, Milan and Sasha are still the luckiest kids around! Despite coming to an agreement that may not have been easy, their famous parents showered them with love and devotion - in fact, they made it clear that Milan and Sasha's wellbeing was a top priority.

shakira gerard kids custodyshakira gerard kids custody
@3gerardpique via Instagram

After reaching a custody agreement in November 2022, both stars pledged to keep their drama private. "Our sole objective is to provide our children with the utmost security and protection and hope that they can continue with their lives in a safe and calm environment. We appreciate that their privacy will be respected," they said.

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Sticky Situation

Clearly, it's a sticky situation! The world was shocked when news broke that Shakira and Gerard Pique had broken off their relationship. But the true cause of this rift has recently come to light: none other than container disputes in the couple's refrigerator - specifically, one jar of jam. Why?

shakira gerard cheating jamshakira gerard cheating jam
NurPhoto/Contributor via Getty Images

When Shakira returned home from work one day, she noticed something strange about her beloved condiment - it seemed like some jam was missing! Page Six reported that Shakira suspected infidelity, seeing that both Gerard and her kids disliked the spread. Who else could have eaten it?

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Te Felicito

But it looks like Shakira was actually ahead of the curve on this one... Turns out she may have dropped a major hint about her soon-to-be estranged husband's affair back in April 2022 with the music video for Te Felicito. As for what happened, exactly?

shakira te felicito music videoshakira te felicito music video
Rodolfo Molina/Contributor via Getty Images

In it, our girl opened up an unsuspecting refrigerator door *gasp* only to find Rauw Alejandro's head staring right at her. Could that be symbolic of finding something juicy inside a jam jar? Guess some things are better left unspoken until you've had time to process them first - especially when your marriage is involved.

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More Diss Tracks

But that's not where the shade ends: on January 12, 2023, Shakira dropped the song, BZRP Music Session #53, with Argentinian producer/DJ Bizarrap. And it took a clear shot at her former partner for moving on so quickly. But why don't we let the lyrics do all the talking here...

shakira gerard diss track BZRP shakira gerard diss track BZRP
CHRISTOPHE SIMON/Contributor via Getty Images

This she-wolf isn't playing around. She sang, "A she-wolf like me is not for guys like you/ I'm too good for you and that's why you're with someone just like you." And it broke Latin streaming charts worldwide in record numbers! Looks like this boss lady wasn't done sharing her side of the story.

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Gerard's Response

Love is a battlefield, and Shakira officially fired the first shots! In her latest track, she infamously shaded ex-boyfriend Piqué by comparing herself to his new gal pal. "I wish you luck with my supposed replacement," she began to sing. But she was just getting started.

gerard pique shakira dramagerard pique shakira drama
Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Contributor via Getty Images

"I don't even know what happened to you/ I'm worth two of 22/ You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo/ You traded a Rolex for a Casio," she continued. Yikes. But instead of taking it lying down, soccer champ Piqué hit back in style: he pulled up to work driving an all-singing (well... maybe not) Twingo and wearing a Casio watch!

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The Other Woman

Clara Chía Martí is the 23-year-old public relations student that became a name on everyone's lips after Shakira released her infamous diss track. Although Clara had been diligently studying for her career, she also juggled working at Barcelona-based production company Kosmos - which just happens to belong to none other than Shakira's ex!

gerard pique affair clara chia martigerard pique affair clara chia marti
Europa Press Entertainment/Contributor via Getty Images

Her Instagram has since been set to private mode and boasted few followers before it mysteriously disappeared from our screens altogether – but one thing remains certain: we all now know who Clara Chia Marti is... And Gerard has since helped put her name on the map.

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Instagram Debut

In a move that will surely have Shakira with lots to say, Gerard has since taken to Instagram with a selfie of him and his new beau. While things had been kept on the down low for months, sources confirm they were spotted together for quite some time now that even media accounts couldn't hide their budding romance!

gerard pique girlfriend clara gerard pique girlfriend clara
@3gerardpique via Instagram

As The Sun reported, "Gerard and Clara have been seeing each other for months. People have been helping him keep the romance hush-hush and have wiped Clara's social media accounts so people can't find photos of her." The pair are said to have traveled all around Europe, showing off how 'in love' they really are...

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Wiping Her Tears

Shakira isn't one to take a slight without firing back! After responding with an iconic diss track, she posted a video of herself dancing and singing her diss track's lyrics. The caption read: "Women no longer cry, women dance merengue!" We're here for it!

shakira gerard pique instagram dissshakira gerard pique instagram diss
Dave J Hogan/Contributor via Getty Images

As for Clara? Perhaps not so much - this situation has taken its toll on her, requiring refuge in mama & papa's home while hiding from Shakira's flames (and presumably fans?), according to Marca. "It has taken its toll on her, and she needed to take a step away," they reported. Yikes.

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What About Shakira?

As for the singer, she recently stole the spotlight at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, where she was spotted cheering on Lewis Hamilton, who secured second place for Mercedes. After the race, they enjoyed dinner and drinks with friends, including Daniel Caesar, Fai Khadra, and Mustafa.

Twitter via @LH44updates

A photo shared on Instagram showed Hamilton with his arm around Shakira's waist, sparking romance rumors. Looks like this power couple is fueling excitement both on and off the track! But where do they go from here? Something tells us we'll find out soon enough - stay tuned!

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