How ‘Serious’ Kevin Hart Became a Meme


| LAST UPDATE 03/07/2023

By Riley Hammond
Kevin Hart viral memes
YouTube via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Have you heard about the latest trend taking over the internet? No, it's not TikTok dances or viral challenges. It's Kevin Hart's serious face. Yes, you read that right. The famous comedian and actor has become the hottest meme of 2023, and we can't get enough of it.

If you haven't seen these memes yet, where have you been hiding? They're everywhere! You can't scroll through your social media feeds without stumbling upon at least one of them. And let us tell you, they're hilarious. The images are pulled from old magazine spreads or Getty, giving them a weirdly unnatural and pretty cheesy look that can be applied to a variety of side-splitting situations. Hart strikes poses that make him look like he's auditioning for an action movie or trying to win an award for Best Dramatic Performance. Who knew he had such range?

Kevin Hart viral memes
Instagram via @kevinhart4real
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But let's give credit where credit is due. Hart is no stranger to being a meme. He's been in this game for years now, and he knows how to take it in stride. Think of him as a meme veteran entering his next evolution. A meme caterpillar, perhaps, blossoming from a cocoon into a beautiful meme butterfly, entering his peak stage of meme-ification. If that makes any sense? Probably not. When Hart stumbled across the memes (which was inevitable considering his face probably accounts for 75% of all images across the internet right now), he tweeted out in confusion: "Can somebody tell me why I am trending… I got endless memes being sent to my d*mn phone from a bunch of my dumb*ss friends." But despite his confusion, he's seeing the funny side and even shared one particular meme saying: "this f***ing killed me." LOL.

So let's enjoy this moment while we still can because who knows what the next big thing will be? Maybe it'll be his BFF Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson making silly faces or Will Smith doing interpretive dance on Instagram Live. Only time will tell. In the meantime, scroll through your TikTok feed and indulge in some seriously funny content courtesy of Kevin Hart's serious face memes. Trust us; your day will be better for it!

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