Why Scarlett Johansson’s Weather Reporting Had Us in Stitches


| LAST UPDATE 03/21/2023

By Riley Hammond
Scarlett Johansson TODAY weather
David Crotty / Contributor via Getty Images

Hold on tight, people! The weather is about to get a whole lot more interesting, thanks to our new weather reporter, Scarlett Johansson! In her third appearance on the Today show, Scarlett is taking the weather game by storm! Alright, fine, maybe storm is a bit of a stretch, but she's definitely giving the meteorologists a run for their money!

As Al Roker introduced our favorite Black Widow actress, the excitement in the studio was palpable, and Scarlett didn't disappoint. With a seasoned ad-lib, she dived straight into the forecast and showed off her meteorological expertise. "Here's the weather, folks. You've got this map with a little bit of blue, and a little bit of pink," she joked, leaving everyone in stitches. When Roker pointed out the snow in the Rocky Mountains, Scarlett quipped, "Who wants all that? When is spring coming?" We hear ya, sister! And things only got better from there. As she noted the downright freezing temperatures in the Midwest, the actress had the perfect reaction. "Oh my goodness, the 20s! This is Netflix and chill weather!" We can't argue with that.

Scarlett Johansson Al Roker
YouTube via Access Hollywood
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But things really heated up when Roker informed Scarlett that temperatures in Texas would shoot up to 90 degrees. The actress had a hilarious response, exclaiming, "Oh, that's hot! That is too hot!" And when Roker mentioned "milder highs," Scarlett asked what that meant, sparking yet another hilarious moment between the two. Roker quickly cleared up any confusion, mentioning that it had nothing to do with getting high. Woops!

Johansson has been slaying on the Today show since 2012 when Roker lost his voice. With her signature confidence, she jumped in and took over, proving to be a natural. "It's a dream come true!" she exclaimed, jazz-handing like a pro. And with her impressive meteorological skills, Scarlett made a comeback appearance in April 2022, assuring Roker that she was an "old pro." Honestly, do we expect anything less from our queen? We don't know about you, but we're hoping that Scarlett will come back for the fourth installment soon – or maybe try out cooking or sports on the show? Let's face it: everything is better with Scarlett's humor! Who needs a boring weather report when you can have Scarlett Johansson bringing the laughs? We'll be eagerly waiting for her next Today show appearance!

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