Sarah Paulson Spills Hilarious Celebrity Gossip with Jimmy Kimmel


| LAST UPDATE 06/23/2021

By Kayla Black
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Sarah Paulson has made a name for herself as one of Hollywood's greatest. From comedy to drama, she's done it all. And in a recent sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel, we learned that her hilarious celebrity stories are just as impressive as her career.

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Sarah started out dishing on her recent dinner date with the legendary Diane Keaton. Paulson and Keaton have been close friends for over two decades, but according to Sarah, Diane has a pretty unique way of showing her love. "I'm assuming it's a term of affection, but every time I call her she answers the phone: 'what do you want?' or 'hey, hi, hi, hi dummy - hi idiot," Paulson joked. "It's a lot of idiot, moron..." Sarah showed she developed a fairly good sense of humor from all of Diane's light teasing. Apparently, the 75-year-old Oscar-winner often tells Paulson, "you're the dumbest person I know." Jimmy couldn't stifle his laughter but recommended that Sarah double-check with some communal friends to make sure it's as wholesome as she thought.

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The conversation of celebrity pals quickly moved on to the great Carrie Fisher, and Sarah had a legendary story to share as well. Even if the punchline came at her expense. At a very early stage of her career, Paulson and Carrie struck up a friendship, and Sarah snagged an invite to an exclusive make out party hosted by Gore Vidal. Naive and eager to hang with her idol, Sarah accepted. It was a star-studded event, with guests including Queen Latifah and Shirley MacLaine. "I was obviously panicked, because, neurotic," Sarah joked. But what happened next was the tip of the iceberg.

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Matthew Perry pulled Sarah's name out of the hat, meaning they were meant to make out. "[He] promptly left the room," Paulson admitted amidst audience laughter. As memory served her, she enthusiastically approached the Friends' star for a kiss but faced a quick rejection. But fate would bring them together again a few years later when they plaid romantic partners on Studio 60. "I got my kiss!" Sarah said triumphantly, "I got several kisses!"

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Now all that's left is waiting for Matthew Perry's side of the story. But Jimmy has a hunch that he may not remember as well.