Sandra Bullock's Hilarious Incident With Ryan Reynolds


| LAST UPDATE 12/05/2021

By Molly Houghton
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The Proposal gave audiences some good laughs when it premiered back in 2009. But apparently, some of the funniest moments might've happened when the cameras weren't rolling. Here's what Sandra Bullock just revealed about a hilarious incident between her and co-star Ryan Reynolds.

The Proposal NSFW incident

Hands-down, one of the film's best moments is the scene where Margaret (Sandra Bullock) and Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) accidentally trip onto each other while completely naked, as one was about to go into the shower just as the other one exited. And it's a good thing this part was filmed on a closed set with only a couple of key crew members and director Anne Fletcher, cause things got a bit out of hand!

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"Ryan and I have these flesh-colored things stuck to our privates," Sandra recalled. And, not surprisingly, those "things" proved to be far from comfortable. "When they'd say cut, we couldn't really move," Bullock detailed. "[Ryan] was on his back with his knees up, and I'm on the floor just sort of resting on his knees, just waiting, and you don't wanna look, and we couldn't really move."

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"Then, I hear Anne Fletcher from the darkness go, 'Ryan, we can see your [privates]!' I'm like, 'Oh god!' because you wanna look down, but I'm like, 'Don't look down. Don't look down,'" she continued. "Everyone in the darkness spun around to see if they could find a monitor. I was like, 'Anne, there's a way to present that information.'"

Sandra Bullock The Proposal

But our favorite celebrity troll - yes, we're looking at you, Ryan - took it all in good fun. "In friendship, you just didn't care; it wasn't my business to look - it's just there, and then Anne just bringing everyone's focus to that area. Ryan was just so cool. Unflappable. He is absolutely unflappable," Sandra described. In fact, filming this naked scene was just as embarrassing as Bullock hoped a nude scene would be.

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Ryan Reynolds The Proposal
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"I was like, 'I will do this naked scene only if I can be humiliated and funny,'" the actress said of when she agreed to film the NSFW incident. "You will not see me trying to attempt being sexy naked - in real life or onscreen. There's just no point in it!" Sandra added.