Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Surprises Hugh Jackman


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2022

By Lily Tipton
Dia Dipasupil / Staff via Getty Images

When it comes to April 1, AKA April Fools, it appears that no one is safe. Even the biggest and best celebrities in the world can fall victim to a prank or two - and in this case, it was none other than The Greatest Showman's Hugh Jackman. As part of a long-running mock feud, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds understood it was his turn to prank his good pal, Jackman. The location of the crime? His dressing room before his debut performance in the Broadway show, The Music Man...

Jackman recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show (all part of their own April Fools prank) and recalled the dressing room incident. "Opening night gifts are big on Broadway. So you walk in [and] there's flowers, there's cards and, of course, right where I put my makeup in the mirror, there was this." Kimmel then brought out a black-and-white photo of Ryan in a heel-click jump with a post-it note attached. "Hugh, good luck with your little show. I'll be watching," Reynolds wrote. Watching the opening night performance, alongside his wife Blake Lively, he kept his word.

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Loyal Jackman fans will have already seen this gifted artwork. In February, the star took his Instagram to show off his new dressing room feature. "I have the most amazing friends. Gorgeous flowers, champagne, and heartfelt well wishes. I am blessed. And then … there's him," he joked. "Haunting," Reynolds commented. 

Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman
Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images

Unfortunately for Jackman, Reynolds was not yet done with his trolling antics. "So, I was taking that in. I got up from my seat. I was laughing and I went over to brush my teeth," he told Jimmy. "There's another mirror behind me and, thank you Ryan Reynolds, there was that." On cue, Kimmel revealed a second frame, this time with a large black and white sketch of Ryan. "He follows me wherever I [go]!" Jackman laughed. LOL. Following the pair's frequent Instagram pranks, it's only a matter of time till Jackman exacts revenge on his pal, Ryan. Stay tuned!

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