Ryan Reynolds Talks Hilarious Mix-Up With Ben Affleck


| LAST UPDATE 12/23/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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Ryan Reynolds is a star - no doubt about it. As for which star, well, that one's open for interpretation. As the funny guy recently revealed, he's been getting mistaken for another A-lister for years now. And let's just say, he handled the entire situation in the most Ryan Reynolds way possible. Here's what went down.

On December 20, the actor sat down with Dear Hank & John to share some words of wisdom. "How do I deal with blowing an audition? ... Who decides what books become movies?" the podcast's plotline teased. Sure enough, Ryan Reynolds had lots to say for himself. But perhaps his most noteworthy part of the interview? The moment he opened up about his own struggles as an actor...

As he revealed, he's been suffering from a serious case of mistaken identity for quite some time now. "There's a pizza place in the East Village in New York that I've been going to for years," Reynolds began. "They believe I'm Ben Affleck... and I've never corrected them." While we can't quite see the connection, Reynolds has had no problem playing along (obviously).

ryan reynolds viral troll
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"I do everything normal, just like everyone else. They just think I'm Ben Affleck. They'll ask how J.Lo is — 'great, good' — get my pizza, and off I'll go," the actor hilariously explained. But don't worry - he's not getting any freebies. "I don't accept anything ― like they're not giving me free pizza based on this factor."

In case you forgot, though, this actually isn't the first time the two have been mistaken for one another. Back in 2015, the actor had a hilarious reaction after a fan admitted she struggled to tell the guys apart. "Is there anyone else out there that can't tell @VancityReynolds and @BenAffleck apart?" user @hannapropaganda had asked. Reynolds' response? "Mom, please get off Twitter. Now."

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While he doesn't seem to be too pleased about the seemingly common mixup, leave it to Reynolds to turn a case of mistaken identity into another hilarious trolling opportunity. Hey, they don't call him the King of Trolling for nothing. (Though we'd love to get Mr. Affleck's take on things).

Until next time, stay tuned.