Ryan Reynolds Is Back And Better Than Ever With Hilarious Troll

Scarlett Adler

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Worry not, folks. The king of trolling hasn't gone anywhere. In fact, he's just taken to Instagram to remind us of just that.

On Saturday, April 11th, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman shared a heartfelt post in honor of his 24th wedding anniversary – and, of course, Ryan Reynolds couldn’t help but join in on the festivities.

As the Wolverine revealed, these past 24 years with his wife have been "The best of his life." As for Mrs. Jackman? Well, I'll let Ryan Reynolds tell you how she's been holding up.

"Hang in there, Deb," The Proposal star commented. Safe to say, his hilarious quip blessed the Instagram world with some much-needed laughs. Only this isn't the first time the A-list friends have been caught 'feuding.'

Back in October, Reynolds refueled the flames on his hilarious 'rivalry' with the Hollywood star, as he graced the Twitter world with a birthday message for Jackman's 50th birthday.

"In a word? Hurtful. Enjoy the show," the Deadpool actor joked when asked about Jackman slamming his singing capabilities.

I've got a feeling these funny guys and their even funnier feud aren't going anywhere. In fact, I suggest you stay tuned for all of the latest updates on their rocky roller coaster ride.

Seriously. Something tells me we're about one Twitter feud away from a diss track - and you can bet we'll be blasting it on full volume.