Happy Birthday Blake! See Ryan Reynolds' Hilarious Post


| LAST UPDATE 10/11/2021

By Scarlett Adler
blake lively birthday instagram
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It's that time of the year again: Blake Lively's birthday. And you know what that means... another sweet tribute from her adoring husband. Safe to say, Ryan Reynolds didn't disappoint this time around. Here's how the actor rang in his wife's latest milestone with a hilarious post.

Blake ryan reynolds trolling
Instagram via @vancityreynolds

On Wednesday, August 25th, the Deadpool star took to the ‘gram to honor one of his favorite dates yet. But not for the reasons you may think. “My favorite thing that’s ever happened on August 25th,” Reynolds wrote, alongside a picture of him and a lucky lady. (Psst, not Lively.)

ryan reynolds birthday instagram
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Sure enough, the actor couldn’t contain his excitement after Mariah Carey responded to a TikTok video he’d made. Granted, we’d also be freaking out just a tad. But we’ve got a feeling his wife, who just welcomed her 34th birthday, wasn’t as thrilled as we were about her husband’s birthday acknowledgment (well, or lack thereof).


Go see Free Guy this weekend so I can stop doing this. ##FreeGuy

♬ Fantasy - Mariah Carey

As for what the hype was all about? In case you forgot, earlier in the week, Reynolds had posted a TikTok clip belting out the lyrics to Mariah Carey's 1995 Fantasy. And while his lip-syncing skills may not have been up to par, it was enough to catch MC's attention...


##duet with @vancityreynolds That wasn’t part of the plan! 😂❤️ ##FreeGuy ##Fantasy

♬ Fantasy - Mariah Carey

Safe to say, Ryan Reynolds is the gift that keeps on giving. From TikTok debuts to trolling his wife more times than we can count, the Hollywood funny guy certainly knows how to keep us entertained. But so does his wife. In case you forgot, Blake Lively trolled Ryan back in October when it came to his birthday. And from the looks of it? Neither one of them will be stopping anytime soon.

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blake ryan reynolds trolling
Instagram via @vancityreynolds

That being said, we'd definitely stay tuned if we were you. With October right around the corner, we can't wait to see what birthday gift Blake's got planned for her man this time around...