Rosalía Shares Hilarious Harry Styles Mishap


| LAST UPDATE 03/14/2022

By Riley Hammond
rosalia harry styles mishap
Rob Kim / Contributor via Getty Images

Texting mishaps aren't too uncommon. We text the wrong number, realize it's not the correct recipient at the other end of the convo, and probably delete the messages. Or, in the case of Harry Styles, screenshot the mistake and watch it end up on national television! Lucky for us, singer-songwriter Rosalía was kind enough to share the hilarious story.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the 28-year-old singer told Jimmy Fallon and his audience about the time Harry Styles texted a total stranger, thinking it was her. According to Rosalía, there's a reasonable excuse for the mistake: apparently, she changes her phone number very often to focus on her work. "I thought when you use a phone number, then it disappears," she shared. "My friends thought that they were texting me [but] they were texting random people." And so was the case with Harry. Rosalía revealed that the Watermelon Sugar singer had sent her a message to tell her thought one of her songs was "so beautiful." But he later realized he was sharing his opinion of the singer's music with a total stranger instead!

rosalia harry styles text
Arturo Holmes / Staff via Getty Images
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Fallon's audience was already pretty amused when Rosalía then revealed that she had "proof" of the hilarious exchange between Styles and the stranger! She whipped out her phone - which she apparently keeps hidden in her boot - and showed Jimmy Fallon, who then displayed the convo to the cameras and audience. The random person Harry was texting responded to his compliment for Rosalía's song with, "I know my darling," to which Harry replied, "Love it." And the texts just kept getting funnier. The Tonight Show's audience learned that Harry Styles and the anonymous texter said "I love you" to each other in the messages, and was officially roaring with laughter. But the charming exchange came to an abrupt end when the prankster wrote to Harry, "Haha sorry, you're wrong," they wrote. "I don't know who you are," after which Harry admitted, "I'm confused." We bet he was! LOL. The stranger continued, "This number belongs to someone before. But now it's my number. So don't bother me anymore. Good night. Thanks." Poor Harry!

The Con Altura singer then hilariously mentioned how the anonymous texter must feel, watching the story being told on the show and thinking, "I said, 'Don't bother me anymore,' to Harry Styles!" Imagine saying that to Harry Styles!

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