Remembering Kirstie Alley


| LAST UPDATE 12/07/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Kirstie Alley death tribute
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Kirstie Alley has sadly passed away at the age of 71 after a private battle with cancer. She stole the hearts of American TV watchers and across the globe with her iconic and comedic roles. Now, we're looking back at the greatness she brought to our screens…

The two-time Emmy-winning actress from the midwest thrived in the industry from the start. It wasn't long before she was nominated for a People's Choice Award in 1991 and realized she wasn't in Kansas anymore. Alley devoted hard work to her roles. She majored in movies, starring in the 1987 production of Infidelity alongside Nick Denato, as well as Loverboy (1989), blessed to be in the company of Patrick Dempsey. Her talent was wanted everywhere. She had the face, voice, and acting skills that fit into almost every genre. But don't think it stopped there. Alley welcomed other experiences, from becoming a house member of the Celebrity Big Brother house to taking it step-by-step in Dancing with the Stars, as well as having her own reality show, Kirstie Alley's Big Life, where she proudly documented her weight loss journey. But these are just a few snippets of her unforgettable career.

Kirstie Alley career death
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Kirstie broke through her personal glass ceiling of fame when she starred in the American sitcom Cheers, which aired on NBC. The series aired in 1982 and ran until 1993. After a decade of laughter, Alley earned herself a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series. Toward the end of her time as Rebecca Howe, Alley landed a leading role in the rom-com production of Look Who's Talking (1989). She played the role of single-mother Mollie, who yearned for the perfect man to take care of her. She also had the pleasure of working with Bruce Willis and John Travolta, who have paid tributes to the star online. The Look Who's Talking success turned into a trilogy, in which Alley was a part of all three. But, please, how can we forget Alley's thriving role as orphan manager to the Olsen twins? Her witty and loveable character as Diana Barrows in It Takes Two (1995) was everything a child wanted in their lives. She possessed a nurturing persona that pretty much carried the entire film. That food fight scene will forever live in our minds - and so will Kirstie. 

We can only remember the legendary moments the actress served on our television screens. Her fans were loyal and stood by her throughout her entire career. So too, many fellow stars she worked with have shared their condolences on Instagram, as well as family members. We will always remember the quintessential Kirstie Alley…

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