Penn Badgley 'Makes Us Look' With Hilarious Viral Trend


| LAST UPDATE 12/11/2022

By Lily Tipton
Penn Badgley Meghan Trainor TikTok
Slaven Vlasic via Getty Images

Just when we thought we couldn't love Penn Badgley anymore, he's upped the stakes and recruited a TikTok legend to boost his popularity further. The man who conquered TikTok with his hilarious version of Taylor Swift's 'Anti Hero' trend knew he had to go big for his next upload, going straight to the source herself. The result is everything we dreamed of and more...

Ita ll began in early November when Penn uploaded a duet video alongside @elysemyers and danced the iconic 'Made You Look' routine. "My invite also got lost in the mail @Meghan Trainor," he joked in the caption, mirroring Myers' upload description. "Y'ALL ARE ALWAYS INVITEDDD IM DEEEAAADDDD. WHATS HAPPENINGGGG," Trainor responded in the comments section - clearly impressed by his dancing skills.  

Made You Look TikTok Trend
@meghantrainor via Instagram
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True to her word, Meghan invited Penn over to her TikTok page, teaching him the dance for the world to enjoy. The actor followed along closely, showing off some serious hip movement and legwork. "I'm obsessed with YOU," Trainor wrote under the hilarious dancing clip, not-so-subtly referencing Badgley's hit Netflix stalker series. Soon after, Penn took to the comments section to sing Trainor's praises. "The one thing I really nailed is the hip/leg roll part, thanks for the pointers. Let it be known that @meghantrainor is a great teacher and made it seem so much simpler than it had all seemed before."

@meghantrainor I’m obsessed with YOU 😩 @Penn Badgley @Podcrushed #you #gossipgirl #joegoldberg #danhumphrey #pennbadgley #madeyoulook #takinitback ♬ Made You Look - Meghan Trainor

Demonstrating that this was the content we'd all been waiting for, views quickly racked up over 4 million views. The comments section was also filled with excited fans who praised the duo for making this duet happen. "This is everything," one user wrote. "I didn't know I needed this collab," gushed another. "THIS IS SO ICONIC," a fan agreed. Most fans couldn't help but be impressed by the Gossip Girl alum's dancing skills. "He didn't come to play with that hip leg action!!!!" joked makeup artist Manny MUA. "Penn has no business being that good at moving those hips," laughed a fan. He may currently have a flourishing acting career going for him, but we reckon Penn could have a permanent job as Meghan's backup dancer! Until then, stay tuned.

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