Here’s Why Paul Rudd Went Viral After a Dinner With Dan Levy


| LAST UPDATE 08/02/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Paul rudd viral dinner
Koki Nagahama/Getty Images for Disney

What's so funny about Paul Rudd and Dan Levy grabbing a bite to eat? Well, why don't we ask the online world. The Clueless star just went viral after being spotted out to dinner with the Schitt's Creek actor. Here's why people can't stop joking about their recent exchange...

Paul Rudd dan levy
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It all started on August 1, as one star struck fan took to Twitter with some major bragging rights. "When Paul Rudd returns to your restaurant and brings Dan Levy with him!!!" Asma Khan gushed of her London eatery, Darjeeling Express. Safe to say, it wasn't long before Khan's post caught people's attention.

But forget the tempting Indian food propped before our VIP diners. Instead, users were quick to notice something else: Paul Rudd's appearance. After all, just look at the guy. He might be 52-years-old, but he sure doesn't have a wrinkle to show for it. Which begs the question: How?

Paul rudd dinner viral
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

"I have aged more in the past five weeks of lockdown than Paul Rudd has in the 26 years since Clueless,’'s Nick Bond quickly joked. Which, well, same. But we're not the only ones with lots of questions. "How is he over 50?" another user soon chimed. (Maybe he snagged himself a lotion from David Rose's Rose Apothecary?)

Dan levy paul rudd

Whatever the case may be, we do know one thing: Paul Rudd, if you’re reading this, we’re waiting for you to drop your skincare routine (please). Then again, according to him, not everything is as it seems. “I’m 80 years old on the inside,” the actor joked of his ageless self during a Clueless reunion back in 2019. “In here, pure darkness – and a little moisturizer.”

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Paul rudd viral dinner
GP/Star Max/GC Images via Getty Images

But while for most of us, a drop of our favorite moisturizer might not have us aging backwards like Mr. Rudd (and these stars,) we can say one thing: laughter might just be the best medicine, after all.

And on that note, stay tuned - there's more fun headed your way.