Paul F. Tompkins Remembers Not Being Cast In 'Parks & Rec'

Taran Underwood

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Most of the advice actors get in Hollywood is somewhere along the lines of "Just be yourself!" or "Work hard and be kind!" or "Learn to code you artsy weirdo!" And while none of this is necessarily bad advice, the only real thing to know when seeking success in entertainment is: "Marry or befriend a successful person."


Not needing money ever helps too, but I digress. Much loved comedian Paul F. Tompkins offered up a memory today of a time when he could've really used this advice. After NowThis tweeted out a video commemorating the 10th anniversary of the debut of Parks and Recreation he uh, spilled some tea.

Yikes! Okay! Well, hey, it's about time we maybe stopped shying away from the cold hard fact that nothing in Hollywood is fair. Meanwhile, Steve Agee chimed in with a similar tale of losing out on a job because of living the incorrect timeline.

And if you're mad at me for blowing past the obvious question of which role Tompkins lost out on, okay, chill. The current working fan theory is that it's the role of the MRI technician that ended up being played by Amy Poehler's then husband, Will Arnett.

But while it maybe helped land him the job, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler later divorced so, hey, maybe Tompkins dodged some kind of weird curse associated with that role? Yeah, let's go with that. And while Parks & Rec may have robbed us of Paul F. Tompkins's cocky MRI technician, we'll always have the Patton Oswalt's Star Wars filibuster.