Paris Hilton’s Bodyguard Scores Laughs at Coachella


| LAST UPDATE 04/27/2022

By Lily Tipton
Paris Hilton, Viral Bodyguard
Jesse Grant via Getty Images for DIRECTV

Paris Hilton just wants to have fun, and nothing or no one is gonna get in her way. In case somehow you've missed all the content from this year's Coachella festival in the California Desert, we're here to share with you one particular stand-out event. No, not Harry Styles rocking out with Shania Twain on stage. Rather, Paris Hilton - or, more accurately, her bodyguard. A clip posted on TikTok of her security guard has reached viral levels of fame because it's just so dang funny. Let's break it all down.

Posted on TikTok with the description, "The way Paris Hilton's bodyguard has to chase after her in the desert heats as she skips away," pretty much sums it up. There's Paris, dressed in her finest white festival attire and a shiny backpack. She's dancing on the grass like no one's watching while her very serious-looking bodyguard stands by. Before you know it, she's off, dancing and running into the distance. Where's her bodyguard, you ask? Well, he's committed to the job... so he's skipping after her. LOL.

@megcoss Cardi B’s bodyguard in the teacup vibes 😂 #parishilton #coachella #celebsatcoachella #parishiltonismymom ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show
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As with any viral video, the comments section is even more amusing. "It's like a Dad and his toddler," joked one user, hinting at the fact that he seemed like more of a concerned chaperone than a bulky protector. "It's her own world we're just living in it," laughed another. "That is so iconic Paris," gushed one comment, with another echoing this sentiment, "COACHELLA QUEEN we love you." Other comments focused more on the bodyguard himself, expressing their sympathies towards him. "That run [laughing emojis] u can tell he was dying of heat," wrote one fan. "I only want to see celebrity bodyguard footage from now on. I do hope they're paid enough," noted another. TBH, that would make a good reality tv show. 

Paris Hilton, Viral Coachella
Rick Kern via Getty Images for The Sandbox

Fortunately, Paris is enjoying her viral moments of fame and getting in on the action. Posting a duet post alongside the viral clip, she appeared in a pink tracksuit holding her dog whilst smiling and bobbing her head to the music. "#Sliving is my cardio. It's a workout keeping up with the Queen Sliv #Coachella," she captioned the post. There's nothing better than a celeb who doesn't take herself too seriously. We love ya, Paris. 

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