One World: Stars Around The Globe Join Together For Inspiring Virtual Concert

Scarlett Adler

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During these trying times, it might seem like everything around us is plagued with clouds of darkness. But while the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the nation, it's also done another thing; United our people.

In fact, just this past weekend, Hollywood's elite blessed our screens with a unifying, virtual concert, shedding some much-needed light during these dark times.


Well, what exactly went down before our very eyes on Saturday, April 18th? Organized by the Global Citizen movement, our favorite stars took to their webcams to share their soulful skills with the online world.

VIPs ranging from Lady Gaga to Elton John joined together for a remarkable evening - split into 2 parts - with an even more remarkable cause; All of the funds raised will directly help combat the daunting pandemic.

Of course, it's no surprise that after joining forces, the talented icons raised a whopping $50+ million for the noteworthy cause.

"Our hope for the special is that everyone will come away believing that we, as a shared humanity, can emerge from this moment forever grateful for the work of doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store workers, and all those who are the backbone of our communities," Hugh Evans, co-founder, and CEO of Global Citizen told Today.