North West Surprises Kim Kardashian in Hilarious Live-Stream


| LAST UPDATE 12/14/2021

By Conner Goodman
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Remember when mother-daughter duo Kim Kardashian and North West created their very own Tiktok account, @KimandNorth? In November, the two began filming videos together where they were either dancing or just showcasing their daily lives. We've really enjoyed getting a more personal peek at the famous family's lifestyle. So we're really hoping that the account won't get deleted after the hilarious mishap that recently went down...

It all started when the eldest daughter of Kimye wanted to give a house tour to her millions of TikTok followers. To do so, she started live broadcasting through her phone. The sassy star started to walk around the big hallways of her Hidden Hills home. "Let's give a house tour," the 8-year old teased. North then showed off a pink bedroom and family pictures before reaching her famous mom's room.

In Nori's clip, the Skim's founder is chilling on her bed before North announces, "Mom, I'm live!" The famous child continuously giggles while Kim is seemingly caught off guard. "No, Stop," Kardashian warned, "You're not allowed to." Uh oh... it sounds like Nori got in trouble after that. As the reality star gets up from her bed, she speaks to the caretaker that's standing near North and asks them if it's true - is she really live streaming? Seconds later, the video got cut off before North shouted to her fans, "Ok, bye!" Let's face it - she probably knew what she did was wrong. Will she do it again? Probably (or at least we hope so)...

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@kimkardashian via Instagram

The hilarious interaction might have been a good laugh for us, but as we know, the Kardashian clan likes to keep things private. Their momager Kris has a very particular way of announcing things. So, having one of the grandkids post information online without permission is a big no-no. In the past, Kourt's eldest son, Mason Disick, revealed a secret to his followers. The young boy discussed the relationship status between his aunt Kylie Jenner and her on and off boyfriend, Travis Scott. Luckily (for them, not us), North wasn't as informative.

Stay tuned. Who knows what other surprises North has for us...