Nina Dobrev's Hilarious Bedhead Bangs Leave Fans in Stitches


| LAST UPDATE 07/25/2023

By Riley Hammond
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We've all had those mornings when we wake up, look in the mirror, and think: "What on earth possessed me to get bangs?" Well, The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev recently embarked on a hilarious journey of hair regret that left her fans in stitches.

In a TikTok video that has clocked up a whopping 1.6 million views and over 34,000 likes, Dobrev showcased her new bangs in all their morning glory. The video's punchline? Her boyfriend and her dog were less than impressed. Waking up with a head full of unruly bangs, Dobrev, in a voice that could only be described as cartoonishly altered, quipped, "Whose idea was it for me to get bangs?" The next scene showed her dog giving her a look that screamed, "Seriously, human, quit your whining." But the hilarity didn't end there. Enter stage right: Shaun White, Dobrev's beau and five-time Olympian. His reaction to her new hairstyle? A swift exit, complete with a door slam. "My boyfriend came home, saw me, and after one second, said, 'Oh sorry, wrong apartment,'" Dobrev joked. Still sporting her wild bedhead, she concluded the clip with an epiphany: "I can see now this was a mistake.”

Nina Dobrev TikTok viral
@nina via TikTok
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This TikTok video was a stark departure from Dobrev's recent appearance at the premiere of Netflix’s The Outlaws. There, she rocked her iconic blunt bangs, a style that she'd previously debuted on Instagram with a series of launch posts that could only be described as fierce. Dobrev revealed in a 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight that her decision to chop her locks into bangs was spontaneous, occurring just two hours before a red carpet event. She was preparing for a role as a Parisian artist and was thrilled to embrace the quintessential French cut.


mistakes happen

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However, in a 2018 interview with PEOPLE, she admitted that her stylish bangs had added a significant amount of prep time to her morning routine. Despite the added effort, Dobrev seems to be enjoying her new look. She recently posted a series of photos on Instagram sporting her bangs, captioning them: “She's bangin’ for the Outlaws Premiere.” In another carousel of photos, she donned a faux mustache, accompanying her new hairstyle with a cheeky "Chop, chop." So, while her bangs may be a source of amusement, it's clear that Dobrev is having the last laugh.

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