Nick Di Paolo Apologizes for His Stand Up Special's Trailer

Taran Underwood

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Comedian Nick Di Paolo couldn't get Netflix or, well, any other major media outlet to buy his stand up special. So instead, he decided to give the special away from free on YouTube, citing the "dangerous" nature of the special for why it couldn't be aired on any other medium. Well, it turns out the promotion was more dangerous than the actual content, as viewers were quick to notice Di Paolo was using an image of himself giving the finger to a group of liberal activists - including a Black Lives Matter protestor who was murdered.

After this was pointed out, Di Paolo suddenly decided he did in fact have his limits, and he offered an apology of sorts in response to the initial tweet.

It seemed like maybe Di Paolo had decided he didn't want to trigger people *that* much, but he quickly went back to his confrontational tone once the realized the scandal was causing him to briefly trend on Twitter.

And while the controversy may have bumped the numbers on his special, the whole episode wasn't particularly on brand for the comic whose whole schtick was not caring about blowback.