Netflix's Tan France Is Helping Comedians Dress Better


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2022

By Eliott Tanner

Comedians aren't typically known for their sense of style. Walk into any comedy club in the United States and you'll see just about every kind of flannel button up, and that's if people are feeling particularly fancy. Fortunately, Netflix has decided to reach out to the comedy world, not only by pouring money into it with numerous specials and new shows, but now with true humanitarian aid. They've sent their top style expert, Queer Eye's Tan France, out to help some of your favorite funny people take their style game to the next level. It's a whole new YouTube series called Dressing Funny, and while you might think it's not entirely necessary to makeover people like, say, John Mulaney, it's worth it for his reaction to being offered a henley to wear under a suit.

And when France meets Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg of the series Big Mouth, he takes it upon himself to cure Goldberg's depression with clothing and hugs. Which is probably one of the most effective anti-depressants on the market, so of course it's only available to elite television stars.

The whole concept seems based on a video put out on Saturday Night Live's YouTube channel last year in which France made over the notoriously strangely dressed Pete Davidson. At the time, Davidson was dating pop star Ariana Grande and looking to upgrade his look accordingly. The video did extremely well with over seven million views on YouTube.

Not long after that video, France dressed Hasan Minhaj ahead of the debut of his show Patriot Act on the streaming platform. The two bonded over their shared South East Asian heritage, and Minhaj taught France what a "f*ckboy" was, even though he was completely horrified that the celebrity stylist had no idea what one was.

All of the episodes are posted below, with future episodes including comedians Ali Wong, Miranda Sings, Tina Fey, and Rachel Dratch. It's sure to be an adventure.