Mindy Kaling Shares Hilarious Office Stories


| LAST UPDATE 07/23/2021

By Kayla Black
mindy kaling career highlights
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Mindy Kaling has been making us laugh ever since breaking into the scene in 2005. And with over 15 years in the industry under her belt, she's got some pretty funny stories to share.

mindy kaling office stories
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Kaling sat down with her fellow Hollywood veteran, Andy Cohen, to rehash some unforgettable moments from her career. And boy, Mindy wasn't short of them. Andy got started by asking the Champions creator about "bad behavior [she'd seen] in the workplace that would never earn a Dundie." And so Kaling was asked to recall "the scariest day-job" the actress had before making it big. "I think being a babysitter," The Mindy Project star revealed, before quickly realizing she'd made a mistake. "I was about to say I'm not a kid person, and then I was like, 'wait... I have kids!'" But it seemed as though many could agree with her relatable slip-up.

mindy kaling funny interview
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The topic then went on to diva behavior on set, with Andy wanting to know what the best meltdown Mindy had ever seen from a fellow actor or actress. And Mindy had just the story in mind. She shared (without naming names, of course) that a cast member on one of her projects once totally shut the set down because someone else had better lighting than her. But rather than being fed up with the dramatics, Mindy was honestly pretty inspired. "I was also impressed by it," Kaling admitted. And Andy followed up by reassuring us that the lighting was acceptable for everyone on the show and that there would be no tears.

And the Hollywood interview wrapped up with a perfect ending in taking us back to Kaling's The Office roots. When asked what her number one pet peeve was from her time on the iconic NBC program, Mindy admitted that the show's set was kept at a frigid 60 degrees at all times. "I remember not being able to do anything about it," the Locked Down star confessed. But even chilly temps couldn't take away from the good times she shared with her cast.

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